2004 timebooks mailed

Distribution of 2004 timebooks is complete, with bulk shipments going in the mail to the last of the BLET divisions on February 11.

Printing of the timebooks was delayed due to the merger with the Teamsters. Final merger votes were not counted until December 5, and printing could not begin until the name of the new organization was finalized.

The BLET National Division also sought to save money by mailing the timebooks directly to individual members on a request-only basis, believing that the number of requests would be limited due to the increased use of computer-based timekeeping systems.

After receiving an overwhelming number of requests, it was deemed more cost-efficient to bulk mail the timebooks to the Secretary-Treasurer of each division instead of mailing them to each individual member. Mailing of the timebooks began in late January on a numerical basis, with lower-numbered divisions going in the mail first.

The Executive Committee of the BLET National Division apologizes for the delay of the 2004 timebooks, and pledges to avoid similar delays in the future.



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