BLET to launch new club for retirees

Retirees Club will help with legislation; Will receive newsletter to help stay informed

Retired members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen now have the opportunity to join the BLET Retirees Club.

"Joining the club will help the BLET in many ways," said National President Don Hahs. "It will create a ready, willing, and able network of volunteers to help the BLET on a number of issues.

"There is often a need to quickly organize and launch a response to legislation, be it positive or negative. Having a vast network of retirees who are already organized through the Retirees Club greatly will help make our voices heard on Capitol Hill."

Members who join the Retirees Club will receive a Retirees Club Card in the mail, confirming their membership as a Founding Member of the Club. They will also continue to receive the BLET's newsletter, the Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen News. Other services will be provided as the Club grows and becomes more expansive.

The cost of joining the Retirees Club is $10 per year.

BLET Retirees Club







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Clip and Mail this form, along with your $10 Retirees
Club Annual Membership Dues, to:
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen
Retirees Club, c/o General Secretary-Treasurer
1370 Ontario St., Mezzanine
Cleveland, OH 44113-1702

Make checks payable to Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen



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