Pine Bluff, Ark., bans remote control

The City of Pine Bluff, Ark. took action against remote control locomotives within its jurisdiction on February 18 when its city council passed a resolution banning remote control locomotives within the city limits until certain safety requirements are met.

As of February 24, Pine Bluff had joined Baton Rouge, La., Shreveport, La., Detroit, Mich., Marysville, Mich., Boston, Mass. and Cleveland, Ohio in calling for improved safety regarding remote control trains. The Pine Bluff resolution, like many of the others, cites safety at grade crossings by the public, the threat of terrorism and dangers of hazardous materials.

Arkansas State Legislative Board Chairman T.L. Todd and BLE Division 858 Local Committee member Jay Callaway were in attendance at the meeting. The vote was the culmination of six weeks of hard work for Todd and members of Division 858.

Along with Todd and Callaway, BLE Division 858 members Jim Varnell, Travis Trice and Robert Lindsey worked to get the resolution passed. Chairman Todd would also like to thank Alderman Dale Dixon for his help. For a copy of the resolution, visit: <>.



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