What's Inside
Volume 17 - Number 3
March 2003

TTD letter urges FRA action on remote control rulemaking

Photos of BLE, IBT rally for remote control safety

Woodbridge, N.J. bans remote control

Pine Bluff, Ark. resolution bans remote control trains

Bakersfield, Calif. asks FRA for remote control regulations

Beardstown, Ill. bans remote control trains

North Little Rock, Ark. opposes remote control

Kentucky county asks FRA to ban remote control

Ohio county bans remote control trains

UTU, FRA say 'no safety problems' with remote control

Editorial: It's about safety

Editorial: Safety hypocrites?

BLE clarifies UTU, carrier spin on Teamsters

Rail labor sticks to members' agenda

BLE member hurt in Afghanistan

Teamsters merger survey results coming in April

EUMA update: Orioles game, picnic planned

Advisory Board February 2003 Activity

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BLE, IBT rally for remote control safety

Carrying picket signs and chanting "remote control has got to go," more than 300 union members rallied in Washington D.C. on March 11 to protest lax federal oversight of remote controlled locomotives.

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BLE, I&O sign first contract agreement

BLE members on the Indiana & Ohio Railway ratified their first collective bargaining agreement on February 28 by an overwhelming majority. The BLE first organized the I&O, a shortline subsidiary of RailAmerica, on August 3, 2001. Of the ballots returned, 78 percent voted in favor of the agreement.

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BLE organizes Utah Railway trainmen

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers scored another organizing victory on February 28 as a majority of trainmen at the Utah Railway chose to leave the United Transportation Union to be represented by the BLE.

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Senator Kennedy 'deeply concerned' about remotes

U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy said he is "deeply concerned about the growing threat to worker and public safety from the use of remote control technology" in a March 11 letter to Allan Rutter, Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration.

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