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Volume 15 - Number 3
March 2001

DC Feedback: Taking a locomotive out of service

BLE helps stop North Dakota paycheck protection bill

List of delegates to be published next month

BLE Senior Report: Advantages of Railroad Retirement program

BLE Senior Report: Railroad Retirement beneficiaries living longer

BLE Senior Report: Conferences for 2001

BLE gathering data on unsafe windows

Supreme Court upholds $45 million fine against airline pilots

Photo: BLE New Mexico State Legislative Board

FRA's remote control safety advisory misses the mark

BLE rallies with U.S. steelworkers

Industry news briefs

New BLE contract with Wisconsin Central secures 6.5% raise over two years

TTD endorses Railroad Retirement legislation

Advisory Board February Activity

Calendar & Events


BLE campaigns to stop remote control legislation

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE) announced on March 6 that it is mounting an all-out campaign to amend state legislation that would open the door for more railroad accidents, and cost the state hundreds of jobs and millions in lost tax revenue.

BLE International President Edward Dubroski said that his union, which represents the federally-certified workers who operate locomotive engines, would begin a concerted public education and lobbying campaign intended to alert the state legislature and Nebraska citizens about major flaws in L.B. 185 that threaten the public's safety.

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BLE, carriers resume negotiations

The BLE's National Wage Committee is back at the table with the National Carriers' Conference Committee (NCCC) on the national track of the bargaining round that began on November 1, 1999.

A two-day bargaining session was held in Washington, D.C., on February 22-23. This was the first face-to-face meeting between the parties since last Fall, when the BLE rejected the tentative UTU agreement that was presented to the Committee.

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BMWE lawsuit ends BNSF's covert genetic testing

The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes announced on February 12 that its lawsuit against the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad has resulted in a federal court order requiring BNSF to immediately cease and desist coercive genetic testing of its employees.

On Feb. 9, 2001, the BMWE filed a lawsuit against BNSF and Athena Diagnostics seeking "to remedy the illegal, compulsory regime of genetic testing of injured employees" by the BNSF.

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NMB majority refuses to budge on TRRA

In yet another split decision, the National Mediation Board denied the relief sought by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in its motion for reconsideration of the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) case.

Historically, the NMB has refused to create a new craft or class unless the data show significant cross-utilization of employees. The current NMB majority, however, continued its use of flawed logic by once again ruling that cross-utilization is not a significant factor in craft consolidation.

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