Wyoming two-person crew bill passes house, senate; awaiting governor's signature

A two-person crew bill was passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives on March 9, reports BLE Wyoming State Legislative Board Chairman Kevin J. McCarthy.

The bill was passed by a 36-24 majority, having previously been approved by the Wyoming State Senate 25-5. The bill now needs the governor's signature before becoming the law of the land in Wyoming.

The bill requires two railroad crew members to be present in the cab of the locomotive at all times. It also contains a sunset clause, meaning the legislation won't be reviewed for five years.

Brother McCarthy reports that the bill was a cooperative effort on behalf of all operating employees as well as the citizens of Wyoming. The bill received heavy opposition, however, from railroad carriers who argued the two-person crew initiative was a collective bargaining issue that should not be handled by government.

2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers