The National Mediation Board (NMB) announced on February 29 that the panel appointed in early January has found in favor of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE) on the question of establishing a single craft of "Train and Engine Service Employees."

UTU filed an application seeking the establishment of the new craft and requesting a representation election on the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) on January 12, 1998. A hearing on the application was conducted by the NMB last July. The deadline for the February 29 ruling was set in an NMB decision issued on December 30th of last year.

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UTU withdraws from AFL-CIO

In pulling out of the AFL-CIO on March 15, the UTU took another step toward fulfilling President Charles Little's campaign promises of last year and set the stage for future attempts to destroy the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

News Analysis: We may have won the battle, but Little's war isn't over

The NMB decision effectively ended this two-year phase of a reckless campaign by UTU leaders to raid the BLE and exposed their plan for the fraud that it was. More than two years of effort and millions of dollars in dues-payer money went down the tubes, and all UTU members wound up with was an application that wasn't worth the paper it was written on. In less than seven days after the UTU's failure before the NMB, the BLE showed why it is the leading rail labor organization for operating employees.

Why the NMB panel ruled in favor of the BLE

The three-member panel appointed by the National Mediation Board to arbitrate the BLE-UTU dispute cited several key pieces of evidence in ruling in favor of the BLE's position.

What has your union done for you lately?

When the National Mediation Board denied the UTU's application to combine railroad operating crafts and hold a representation election on the Union Pacific, it put into perspective the major fundamental differences between the BLE and UTU.

Highlights of sanctions that helped prompt UTU to leave AFL-CIO

By a nearly unanimous voice vote, the AFL-CIO Executive Council passed a resolution on February 16 adopting a policy that would stiffen sanctions against affiliates found guilty of violating the "no raiding" prohibition contained in Article XX of the Federation's Constitution.

Irish eyes are smiling on the BLE

Editor's Note: The BLE-UTU conflict on the Union Pacific has not gone unnoticed. Railroad unions as far away as Ireland have kept close tabs on the outcome of our struggle.

Thank You, AFL-CIO!

Thanks for standing behind the BLE!

The BLE's success in fending off the UTU's attempted raid is due largely in part to support from the AFL-CIO and its affiliates. The BLE wishes to thank all of Rail Labor, AFL-CIO Executive Vice-President Linda Chavez-Thompson, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney, all AFL-CIO affiliates, and the Transportation Trades Department for their support.

Illustration by Geoffrey T. Schenkel, Journeyman Scenic Artist, International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local #93, Marietta, Ohio.

Part 3: 'Reliance' and 'distraction' effects in PTC automation

By T. B. Sheridan (MIT),
F. C. Gamst (Univ. of Mass., Boston),
and R. A. Harvey, BLE
White Paper, 11/28/99

Reliance level 1. To the existing method of operation described above we add a system component that proovides an audible warning in advance of a CSR. (For discussion purposes the train's speed is not enforced by a wayside or on-board component or subsystem.) The audible warning adds a level of safety but does not replace any of the required rules or does not control the train's brakes. The reliance on that audible warning would be assigned a one.

BLE first rail union to support proposed BNSF-CN merger

With the unanimous support of the General Chairmen who represent locomotive engineers on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and the Canadian National Railway, including its Grand Trunk Western and Illinois Central components, BLE International President Ed Dubroski on February 29 signed a letter with the Chief Executive Officers of BNSF and CN under which, in exchange for certain labor protection commitments, the BLE will support the proposed merger of the two companies.

En Français: La FIL établit de nouvelles normes pour la protection du travail

Avec le support unanime des Présidents généraux qui représentent les ingénieurs de locomotives sur le Northern Burlington Santa Fe Railroad et les chemins de fer du Canadien National, incluant ses composantes Grand Trunk Western et Illinois Central, ainsi que les contrôleurs de la circulation ferroviaire du CN, le Président international de la FIL Ed Dubroski a signé une lettre avec les premiers dirigeants du BNSF et CN selon laquelle, en échange de certains engagements pour la protection du travail, la FIL supportera la fusion proposée des deux compagnies.

BLE 'Target List' of non-supporters for H.R. 3091

Below is a "Target List" of legislators who are not yet supporting H.R. 3091. BLE members are urged to contact them for their support of H.R. 3091. They are listed in state-by-state order so members can easily find their legislators.

BLE list of 185 co-sponsors of H.R. 3091

Below is a list of the 185 co-sponsors of H.R. 3091. BLE members are encouraged to thank them for endorsing this much needed legislation.

Benefits under Railroad Retirement compared to Social Security

Employers and employees covered by the Railroad Retirement Act pay higher retirement taxes than those covered by the Social Security Act, so that railroad retirement benefits remain substantially higher than social security benefits.

Railroad Retirement Board informational conferences for April

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board will conduct free informational conferences throughout the U.S. next month. On-site registration begins at 8 a.m. for each conference. All sessions begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and end at 12:15 p.m. Locations are as follows:

New BLE-Norfolk Southern contract a post-85 victory

Setting the tone for the current round of national wage negotiations, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has reached a tentative agreement with Norfolk Southern that will have a positive impact for post-85 engineers.

Wyoming two-person crew bill awaiting governor's signature

A two-person crew bill was passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives on March 9, reports BLE Wyoming State Legislative Board Chairman Kevin J. McCarthy.

Do you have sleep apnea? You just might, but not be aware of it

Sleep Apnea was first described in 1965 as a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. Generally speaking, it prohibits an individual from breathing and sleeping at the same time. "Apnea" is a Greek word meaning "want of breath."

National Sleep Awarenss Week is March 27-April 2

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), a nonprofit organization that promotes public understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, is sponsoring "Wake Up Call 2000: National Sleep Awareness Week" from March 27-April 2. In addition, the American Sleep Apnea association is holding its second annual National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day on March 27.

BMWE wins UP strike

The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes scored a major victory over the Union Pacific Railroad this month after successfully striking to prevent the railroad from closing a plant that employed dozens of BMWE workers.

BLE Division 239 pickets with Teamsters against Overnite

In a show of solidarity, members of BLE Division 239 (Knoxville, Tenn.) helped man ambulatory pickets lines with members of Teamster Local 519 in their ongoing strike against Overnite Transportation.

George Meany Center offers free hazmat training courses to railroaders

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, in conjunction with the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, will be conducting six four-day hazardous waste/chemical emergency response training programs at the Center's campus in Silver Spring, MD.


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