Volume 12, Number 2 ­ February 1998

Page 1, BLE Battles to Save Union Jobs
BLE leaders vow to protect craft of engineer
UTU acts as puppet for rail carriers
Rail Traffic Controllers, CP Rail reach tentative pact

Page 2, Capitol Briefs
Breaking News: BLE drops opposition to Conrail deal
Wisconsin Central, FRA reach pact to limit remote control, one-person trains
Check your speed, avoid decertification

Page 3
SENSE: Mobilizing for increases safety begins on CSXT
SENSE: Seven steps to safety
SENSE terminology defined

Page 4
Full text of BLE resolution to protect engineers' craft

Page 5
Signatories of BLE resolution

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
Part I of Federal income tax and Railroad Retirement benefits Q&A

Page 7
NMB sets March 2 as deadline for filing
BLE history book will be released soon
CN, Illinois Central discuss $2.4 billion merger
Strategic Initiative Checklist: Two news positions to be appointed at Division level

Page 8
Deadline for IWC in Tucson draws near
BLE Calendar
BLE Advisory Board January Activity


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