Buddy White reelected Georgia State Legislative Board Chairman

Buddy White was reelected by acclamation to the office of Georgia State Legislative Board Chairman (SLBC) at the Board's quadrennial meetings in Atlanta on January 22.

Also elected were: Vice Chairman James Rigsby, a member of Division 706 (Fitzgerald, Ga.); 2nd Vice Chairman Corey Vaught, Division 409 (Columbus, Ga.); Secretary-Treasurer Mike Poss, Division 696 (Atlanta); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Louis Meyers, Division 316 (Atlanta).

Cliff Neill, from Division 409 (Columbus, Ga.), presided as the incumbent Secretary-Treasurer at the meeting but he did not seek reelection because he is retiring in July. Brother Poss was elected by acclamation to fill the vacant position.

Guest speakers at the quadrennial meeting included Richard Ray, President of the Georgia State AFL-CIO, and Tasso Knight, the Political Director of the Georgia State AFL-CIO. Brother White reports that even though the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win federation are split at the national level, the BLET remains close with the Georgia AFL-CIO through a Solidarity Charter.

The following Legislative Representatives attended the meeting as delegates of their respective divisions: Culleyl Johnson, CSX, Division 30 (Atlanta); Scott Sutton, NS, Division 59 (Valdosta, Ga.); Leon Watkins, NS, Division 210 (Macon, Ga.); Frank Middleton, CSX, Division 323 (Augusta, Ga.); John R. Hunt lll, NS, Division 328 (Atlanta); Al Belin, CSX, Division 503 (Atlanta); Chris Dickey, NS, Division 646 (Savannah, Ga.); Sammy Ganas, CSX, Division 648 (Waycross, Ga.); Dwayne Massengale, CSX, Division 779 (Manchester, Ga.); Ed Robinson, NS, Division 786 (Macon, Ga.); and Freddie Doyle, CSX, Division 803 (Savannah, Ga.).

During the meeting, the delegates discussed their legislative priorities. Improved railroad security and safer remote control train operations are top priorities for the BLET in Georgia. Also, the Georgia State Legislative Board plans to introduce and lobby for a bill that would require switch indicator lights in dark territory.

The Board also discussed ways to address membership concerns regarding hours of service and limbo time abuses by rail carriers CSX and Norfolk Southern, the two major railroads operating in Georgia.

Delegates enjoyed a reception on January 21 provided by Matthews & Steel, the BLET designated legal counsel in Atlanta. In addition, Brother White thanked the Brotherhood's Relief and Compensation Fund (BRCF) for sponsoring lunch on January 22.



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