Election Supervisor's Third Report to BLET Members

Delegate Nominations and Elections: ­ Sixteen General Committees of Adjustment have held their nominations meetings so far, with the rest scheduled through March, 2006. It's easy to find out where and when the meetings are taking place, and the results. Just go to www.ibtvote.org and follow the links:

Written Nominations Permitted: ­ Remember, you can nominate, second and accept a nomination in writing instead of actually attending the nomination meeting. Please consult the nomination notice you received in the mail or Article II, § 5 of the Rules for the 2005-2006 IBT International Union Delegate and Officer Election (" 2006 Rules"), available on our website, for a complete description of how to nominate, second and accept a nomination in writing.

Correct Date for the International Convention: ­ The 27th IBT International Convention will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 26-30, 2006. The Timetable of Events published in the erroneously states June 25-29, 2006 as the dates for the 27th IBT International Convention. Disregard that printed date and write the correct date for the convention in your booklet or other copy of the 2006 Rules.

International Officer Campaign Material: ­ Accredited candidates for IBT International Office published campaign material in the February 2006 issue of Teamster magazine.

Want to review that material or get another copy? Go to www.teamster.org

Click on "2006 Election Campaign Literature," and following the links to the campaign literature of the slates.


Do You Want Your Own Copy of the 2006 Rules? ­ Contact the Election Supervisor's Office in Washington, D.C. and request your copy of the 2006 Rules. Rules booklets are available in English, Spanish and French. Call toll-free 888-IBT-2006 (888-429-2006) or send your request by email to ElectionSupervisor@IBTvote.Org

Richard W. Mark
Election Supervisor



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