Mayne reelected in Kentucky

Brother Tommy Mayne was recently reelected by acclamation to the office of Chairman of the Kentucky State Legislative Board at the Board's Third Quadrennial meeting. Also reelected by acclamation were Secretary-Treasurer Terry W. Beadles and First Vice-Chairman Jack Chaliff.

Pictured at the meeting, from left: Mark Robb, Division 240 (Sarina, Ontario); Landon Hinkle, President of Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.); Clarence Monin, former BLE International President; Jerry Wright; John Miller; Ronnie W. Jones, Legislative Rep. of Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.); Mark J. Johnson, President & Legislative Rep. of BLE Division 165 (Louisville, Ky.); Paul T. Sorrow, BLE International Vice-President; Donald Spenlau, Legislative Rep. of Division 489 (Covington, Ky.); Chairman Mayne; Rob G. Richardson, Legislative Rep. of Division 829 (Ravenna, Ky.); Secretary-Treasurer Beadle; Ed Heckel, Legislative Rep. of Division 78 (Louisville, Ky.); Cleatus L. Roy, CSXT-Western Lines General Chairman; John Chaliff, Legislative Rep. of Division 199 (Danville, Ky.); Richard Taylor; Ilene Estridge, Derrik Skeens, Legislative Rep. of Division 271 (Russell, Ky.); Maxy Pelfrey, Division 830 (Hazard, Ky.); Paul Kowalski, Legislative Rep. of Division 698 (Ashland, Ky.); Leo Srubas, Division 81 (Kansas City, Kan.); and Terry Wayne Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.). Present but not pictured is Raymond Holmes, BLE International Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative.


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