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Volume 17 - Number 2
February 2003

BLE, Teamster surveys coming soon

Arbitrator saddles TCU with increased health care costs

BLE members 'not interested' in UTU

Amtrak saved, at least for 2003

Carrier income reports

News Briefs

AFL-CIO National Boycott list

Mayne reelected in Kentucky

Federal income tax and Railroad Retirement benefits

Railroad Retirement reminders for 2003

Bush nominates new RRB Chairman

Upcoming Railroad Retirement Board informational conferences

Members to try their luck in Reno at 2003 IWC

Baltimore to host 2003 EUMA

Advisory Board January 2003 Activity

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City of Boston bans remotes

The City of Boston has become the sixth U.S. city to take action against remote control locomotive operations. In a resolution by Councilor at-Large Stephen J. Murphy, the city demanded that railroads cease operations of remote control locomotives until safety considerations are met.

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Cleveland passes 'emergency measure' on remotes

The City Council of Cleveland, Ohio, adopted an "emergency measure" on February 10 that encourages members of the Ohio State Legislature to pass legislation addressing security and safety concerns surrounding the use of remote control locomotives.

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Ohio county bans remote control

The Cuyahoga County Local Emergency Planning Committee recently adopted a resolution that calls for a moratorium on remote control trains and suggests that remotes be banned from switching operations that involve hazardous materials.

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Trainman dead in CSX switching accident;
Remote control was in use

A CSX trainman died on February 16 when he was struck by a moving boxcar in a switching accident in the Manlius freight yard near Syracuse, N.Y. The cars were being switched by remote control at the time of the fatality.

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