BLE gains exclusive right to attend apprentice engineer training classes

Grand Trunk contract gives apprentice engineers increase of nearly $50 per basic day

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the Grand Trunk Western Railroad have signed a new contract that gives the BLE the exclusive right to attend apprentice engineer training classes.

In addition, the BLE and GTW signed a Letter of Understanding, which gives apprentice engineers an immediate increase in pay of almost $50 per basic day.

According to the agreement, BLE representatives will attend the apprentice engineer training classes, "for the purpose of addressing apprentice engineers in connection with familiarizing them with their rights and obligations with respect to training and promotion under agreements between the Carrier and the BLE, as well as other matters related to apprentice engineer training."

The agreement, ratified by BLE members on the GTW, was negotiated by BLE General Chairman John M. Karakian with assistance from International Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow. The agreement also establishes a union shop provision.

The Letter of Understanding provides apprentice engineers with an eight-hour basic day of $180 per day over a five-day weekly guarantee. The Letter of Understanding modified GTW's former six-day guarantee rate of $836.15 ($139.35 per day) to a five-day guarantee at a rate of $900 ($180 per day).

Brother Karakian noted that the new GTW apprentice engineer basic day is greater than the basic day of any conductor on the GTW.

In the event apprentice engineers are required to work on either the sixth or seventh day in that work week, they will be paid $180 for each additional day in excess of five days worked.

The International Division commends General Chairman Karakian, Vice-President Sorrow, and the other members of the Grand Trunk Western General Committee for their work in negotiating this agreement.


2002 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers