Advisory Board January 2002 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Don M. Hahs-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; Mtg. w/ Morton Bahr, CWA President; Mtg. w/ TCU; Mobilization mtg., Cleveland; Advisory Board conference call; Mtg. w/ James Hoffa Jr., Teamsters President; Mtgs. w/ AFL-CIO affiliates; Mtg. w/ NS; Mtg. w/ Bob Allen, NCCC; Designated Council mtgs.; CRLO mtgs., United Health Care, NMB Section III mtg., Mtgs. w/ various carrier representatives.

First Vice-President & Alternate President Edward W. Rodzwicz- Assisted President in general operation of ID office; General office duties; Mtg. w/ Morton Bahr, President of CWA; Mtg. w/ James Hoffa Jr., Teamsters President; Mtg. w/ Designated Counsel; Mtg. w/ Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys; Mtg. w/ NS General Chairmen and Vice Chairmen Wallace, Sykes, Knight, Overton and Thompson, and Vice-President Sorrow; Mtg. w/ Bob Allen, NCCC, and Carrier representatives; CRLO mtgs.

General Secretary-Treasurer William C. Walpert-General supervision of BLE financial and record depts.; ID office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; BLE Safety Task Force; Mtg. of National Mobilization Team, re: Remote Control, Cleveland; Mtg. of BLE Designated Counsel, Scottsdale, Ariz.; Mtg. of ARLA, TTD, United Health Care, Advisory Board conference call, Miami, Fla.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Assisted NS, CSXT and GTW GCofA; Arbitration Article IX, CSX-W; Arbitration seniority dispute, CSX-N; Advisory Board mtg.; Assisted in preparing Section 6 notices for Wheeling & Lake Erie; Attended mtgs./banquets at Divisions 803, 463, 782 and 239; Assisted in preparing cases for PLB CSX-Executive Session; General office duties.

Vice-President Joseph A. Cassidy Jr.- Mtg. w/ General Chairman Roberts-CSX; Mtg. w/ five local chairmen-Shared Assets; Mtg. w/ designated counsel; Prepare of arbitrations, New York, Susquehanna & Western; Projects at ID office; Mtg. w/ Div. 607; Research security measures; General office duties; Study & paperwork; Conference w/ OSLBC, re: engine security; Advisory Board mtg.; LIRR.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Raymond A. Holmes-Washington D.C. office; Texas AFL-CIO COPE mtgs.; FRA Locomotive Crashworthiness mtg., Jacksonville, Fla.; BLE Designated Counsel mtgs., Scottsdale, Ariz.; CRLO mtgs., Miami.

Vice-President Merle W. Geiger Jr.- Assigned to following properties: Kansas City Southern; Midsouth; South Rail; Gateway Western; Delaware Hudson/ Springfield Terminal; Assigned to SBA 1062, PLB 5527, PLB 6145; Mtg. w/ KCS Gen. Chair Sam Parker; Div. 573 mtg., Wylie, TX; Mtg. w/ KCS-MRL, Kansas City; Multi-divisional Christmas party sponsored by designated counsel, Kansas City; Advisory Board mtg.; BNSF GCofA open house, Fort Worth, TX. General office duties.

Vice-President Stephen D. Speagle- Office work; Chairman of Board of Managers, Wabash Hospital Assoc. mtgs., NS-Northern Lines; BNSF Safety mtgs.; BNSF General Committee mtgs., on-property negotiations; BNSF GCofA mtg. w/ BNSF VP of Labor Relations; Div. 155 mtg., NS; Mtg. w/ all NS General Chairmen, Cleveland.

Vice-President E.L. "Lee" Pruitt - Assigned to following properties: UP-Western Lines; UP-Western Region; UP-Central Region; UP-Southern Region; Tacoma Belt; UPRR on-property negotiations, Omaha; Office work/paper work; BLE Advisory Board mtg.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- International Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); Illinois Central; Wisconsin Central; Indiana Harbor Belt; METRA; Belt Rwy. of Chicago; Paduca & Louisville; Chicago Central & Pacific; U.S. Dist. Court-remote case, Chicago; CN/WC contract negotiations; Quarterly labor/management cmte. mtg-contract negotiations, METRA; NRAB arbitration; CN/WC tentative agreement, informational mtg.; Remote control conference call; Railway Labor Act section 3 cmte.; Advisory Board conference call; FRA Part 240.409 dockets this month: EQAL 99-15, 98-84.

Vice-President Dale McPherson - UP Eastern Lines; CP/U.S. (Soo); I&MRL; M&NA; LP&N; Longview Sw. Co; TRRA-St. Louis; UP Special Project-work/rest; Indiana RR; Pacific Harbor Line; BNSF safety operations task force; UP-former CNW; General office duties; UP section 6 notices, Omaha; IMRL/KCS jt. agency, Kansas City; Mtgs. w/ Gen. Chrmn. M.D. Priester/CP Rail; General Office duties.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa Office; Mtg. w/ CN Rail, re: video community fund, Montreal; Baultar visit, Windsor; Mtg. w/ VIA Rail; BRCF visit, Harrisburg; F. Cooper's retirement dinner, Montreal; CN Rail national negotiations; Advisory Board mtg., Cleveland.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; National Legislative Board-Canada; CCROU mtg.; BLE Advisory Board conference call; CN policy health and safety mtg.; CLC national political action cmte. mtg.; Direction 2006 mtg.; CP Rail senior policy cmte. mtg.; National Legislative Board executive cmte. mtg.; BLE mtgs. to discuss status of CCROU.


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