BLE State Update

News and notes regarding our State Legislative Boards

Editor's Note: The following information was compiled, written and submitted by the BLE's National Legislative Office in Washington, D.C.

Georgia: Brother Raymond Taylor, SLBC-GA, was appointed by the Governor to be a member of the Lower Chattahoochee Workforce Investment Board. The purpose of the Workforce Investment Board is to develop a seamless system of services linking various agencies and employers to citizens who are unemployed, underemployed, unskilled or dislocated due to downsizing, closures, etc.

Iowa: Brother Chuck Hintz was elected Chairman of the Iowa State Legislative Board succeeding Brother John Giblin who retired. Brother Giblin was the longest serving State Legislative Board Chairman at the time of his retirement.

Illinois: Brother Way, SLBC-IL, reports that the Governor has signed into law, Public Act 91-0729 (Trauma Counseling). This Act took effect Jan. 1, 2001.

Louisiana: Brother Mike O'Brien is now Chairman of the Louisiana State Legislative Board following the tragic death of Brother Wayne Connor.

Pennsylvania: Brother Ken Kertesz, SLBC-PA, advises that the State of Pennsylvania DOT announced $7 million in grants to be used for construction, maintenance and repair of rail lines and grade crossings in 26 counties. The projects are expected to create more than 1,700 new jobs.

Minnesota: Brother Tom Perkovich, SLBC-MN, advises that the AFL-CIO is sponsoring a new website that will provide Minnesota unionists statewide labor news. The website is maintained by the University of Minnesota's Labor Education Service, and anyone can access it at: <>.

North Dakota: Congratulations to Brother Mike Muscha, who was re-elected by acclamation to his post as Chairman of the North Dakota State Legislative Board.

Utah: Brother Walt Webster is the new Chairman of the Board. Brother Dean Hansen, who had been serving as State Chairman and Amtrak Regional Chairman, decided to devote more time to his Amtrak responsibilities.

Virginia: Brother J. T. Norris was re-elected Chairman of the State Legislative Board.

Wisconsin: Brother Keith Luebke, SLBC-WI, has been appointed by a Member of the Wisconsin Assembly to serve on the Speaker's Task Force on Railroad Safety. The Task Force's duty is to develop proposals that will increase awareness for railroad crossing safety and decrease the number of automobile-train crashes and deaths in the state.

Wyoming: Farewell to Brother Kevin McCarthy, who retired after 19 years as Chairman of the Wyoming State Legislative Board. Brother Terry Jones was elected to be the new Chairman. Brother McCarthy was second in seniority to Brother Giblin, who retired in Iowa.

Best wishes to the retiring Brothers and congratulations to the newly elected State Legislative Board Chairmen.

2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers