Advisory Board January 2001 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Edward Dubroski-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; Publications committee; Division 155 (Decatur, Ill.) mtg.; National Legislative Board mtg.; Cooperating Railway labor Organizatins mtg.; Mtg. w/ Conrail GC Godwin and Division 3 LC Fitzgerald; Conference call w/ UP GC and VPs assigned to them; Union Pacific strike supervision.

First Vice-President & Alternate President James L. McCoy- FVP duties, contacted GCofAs, SLBCs, telephone calls, correspondence, etc...; Publications Committee mtg.; National Legislative Board mtg.; CRLO mtgs.; Conf. call UP GC & VPs.

General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett-International Office: Supervision of BLE Financial depts.; Records Dept.; BLE Job Bank; Publications Cmte.; National Legislative Board mtg.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Assisted CSX, NS and GTW committees in handling various issues; Div. mtgs. 803, 463; NS work/rest committee mtg.; NS-northern lines arbitration case; CSX arbitration Art. 1, Sec. 4, New York Dock; Assisted GTW committee in studying and reviewing Finance Dockets; Reviewed cases for PLBs and executed awards; General office duties.

Vice-President Joseph A. Cassidy Jr.- Holiday; Amtrak; Work on SBA 928; Mtg. w/ General Chairman Kenney; Mtg. w/ new General Chairman Hall; Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Rwy.; Hearing of PLB 6360; Mtg. w/ members of Div. 520; General office duties; Paperwork; New York Susquehanna & Western contract dispute; Mtg. w/ Amtrak Western Regional Chairman Hansen; Write Ex Parte submission, Amtrak.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones-Washington office; 107th Congress convenes; Attend swearing-in ceremonies for Cong. Moore (D-KS), Hold (D-NJ), McCarthy (D-MO), Pallone (D-NJ), Hooley (D-CA), Kennedy (D-RI), Langevin (D-RI), Schiff (D-CA), Israel (D-NY), Ross (D-AR), Matheson (D-UT), Wu (D-OR), McGovern (D-MA); Senators Carper (D-DE), Stabenow (D-MI), Carnahan (D-MO), Sarbanes (D-MD), Feigned (D-WI), Cantwell (D-WA), Nelson (D-NE), Bayh (D-IN), Nelson (D-FL), Clinton (D-NY); Attend reception for women Senators; TRB mtg.; TTD/Rail Div. mtg.; Reception Senators Baucus (D-MT), Daschle (D-SD), Johnson (D-LA), landreiu (D-LA), Jeffords (R-VT); AFL-CIO Political Directors mtg.; AFL-CIO legislative mtg.; HSR government relations cmte.; Railroad Retirement reform coalition mtg.; National Legislative Board mtg.; AFL-CIO 2000 regional debriefing; AFL-CIO adm. mtg.; TTD leg. mtg.; Mtg. w/ House T&I staff, re: RR reform legislation; Reception for Democratic members of Congress; Kansas Day Congressional reception; AFL-CIO mtg. w/ Cong. Gephardt (D-MO), Lowey (D-NY); Reception for Cong. Quinn (R-NY).

Vice-President William C. Walpert-ID Office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; BLE Safety Task Force; Preparation for local chairmen's workshop at Meany Center, Silver Spring, MD; 3rd party to PLB 6192, Kansas City, Mo.

Vice-President Edward W. Rodzwicz- Norfolk Southern-Eastern region, Imperial; Special Board of Adjustment 894; Award 1666; Vacation; Assignment under direction of President Dubroski, Cleveland.

Vice-President Don M. Hahs- BNSF system including MRL, UP South & West, SP East & South, SSW, DLGW, Tacoma Belt, Pac Harbor Belt; General office duties; BNSF seniority mtg., Kansas City Terminal; BNSF wage/rules mtgs., Ft. Worth; UP seniority arbitration mtg. w/ GC Gil Gore, Chicago; MRL remote & section 6 notices; Town Hall mtg. w/ BLE Division 443, Spokane, w/ GC Donigan, Portland Zone 2 & 3 implementing agreement; Santa Fe ebb & flow mtg., KC Terminal.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- International Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); Illinois Central; Wisconsin Central; Indiana Harbor Belt; METRA; Belt Rwy. of Chicago; Paduca & Louisville; Chicago Central & Pacific; WC general committee special mtg., tentative CBA; CC&P special division mtgs.; Special Board of Arbitration, UP; Special division mtgs., WC, tentative CBA, (Green Bay, Wisc.; Hawthorne, Ill.; Freeport, Ill.; Warterloo, Iowa; Escanaba, Mich.; Schiller Park, Wisc.; Fond du Lac, Wisc.; Stevens Pt., Wisc.; Neenah, Wisc.); NRAB arbitration, various; Implementation mtgs., METRA, engineer trainer agreement; FRA Part 240.409 dockets this month: EQAL 99-37, 98-67, 97-65..

Vice-President Dale McPherson - I&M Rail Link; CP Rail/SOO, UP East Lines; Indiana Railroad Co.; M&NA;. LP&N, Longview Sw. Co. TRRA-St. Louis; Pacific Harbor Line; General office duties; UP work/rest mtgs, Gen. Chr. M.A. Young; Mtgs., CP Rail Section 6 notices w/ M.D. Priester; Telephone, re: UP PL day dispute; Mtgs. concerning PL day dispute-UP.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa office; CN Rail national negotiations; Via Rail arbitration; BLE Division meeting in Monte-Jolie.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; Canadian National Legislative Board; Mtg. w/ Harbour Commission; Office work; Div. 562 retirement banquet; Core disability management cmte. mtg.; Mtg. w/ CPR; National Legis. Bd. exec. cmte. mtg.; CPR CTA review cmte.; Mtg. w/ NLB accountant; Mtg. w/ Dale Jackson, Algoma Central GC; Holiday.


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