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Volume 11 - Number 2
February 2001

BLE State Update: News and notes regarding State Legislative Boards

Legislative Update

BLE battles state paycheck protection bill

Still time to register for New Jersey Compliance Class

BLE, rail labor score win in Herzog suit

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 26- April 1

Financial aid available for 2001-02 school year

Carrier fourth quarter income reports

BLE Senior Report: Tips for filing your Federal income tax

Industry news briefs

Advisory Board January Activity

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BLE strikes Union Pacific

Over 8,000 members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers went on strike on January 27, bringing the largest railroad in North America to a hault.

BLE's strike against the Union Pacific Railroad began at midnight on January 27 and paralyzed the railroad's 38,654 miles of track in 23 states. The strike was triggered by UP's imposition of new qualification standards for personal leave days for engineers.

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News Analysis: The Union Pacific dispute and safety

The BLE's January 27 strike of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) comes in the wake of a series of increasingly aggressive steps by the railroad, which threaten to compromise the safety of its workers.

UP management has drastically reduced the ability of BLE members to take much needed rest days from work. These rest days are essential, as they greatly reduce the risk of on-the-job fatigue-related accidents and injuries.

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Labor coalition launches 2001 campaign for Railroad Retirement Reform

The 2001 campaign to pass the Railroad Retirement and Survivors' Improvement Act is up and running.

National officers and legislative representatives from each rail union in the Coalition of Rail Employees for Improved Pensions (REIP) met on Jan. 16, 2001, in Washington, D.C. with representatives of every major railroad and retiree organization to plan strategy to enact railroad retirement improvements this year.

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