The Rail Labor Division of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, issued a blistering dissent to the Amtrak Reform Council and its first annual report, "A Preliminary Assessment of Amtrak," for its biased view, fiscal irresponsibility and misleading statements.

"We believe the Report reflects an aggressive anti-Amtrak and pro-privatization agenda; that it is replete with statements which are misleading, inaccurate and unsubstantiated; and that it is the culmination of the very fiscal irresponsibility that it claims to address," stated Rail Labor's dissenting opinion.

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BNSF cancels Availability Policy

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has gained over 1,300 new members in four months by holding a string of successful "Town Hall" meetings across the Union Pacific property.

BLE objects to proposed Railroad Retirement changes

The Railroad Retirement reform proposal publicized last week by a number of unions and the National Carriers' Conference Committee is a complex package. The BLE cannot support the proposal, for several reasons.

Fighting for the best deal possible -- Why the BLE hasn't signed on to the Railroad Retirement agreement (a special editorial by BLE President Ed Dubroski)

With an eye toward the future, and in a continued effort to protect the safety of all operating employees, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers co-authored an in-depth report submitted to the FRA's Rail Safety Advisory Committee regarding the benefits and potential dangers of Positive Train Control (PTC).

News article for members only

This news article is for BLE members only and is password protected.

Legislative Update: DC Feedback (proper hazmat procedures)

  • 1. Your crew works on a road switcher at an outlying point that handles cars containing hazardous materials (hazmat) at a chemical plant. You ask, "What are the FRA regulations that apply to one crew assisting another crew to set out and pick up cars when the other crew brings those cars to you?"
  • 2. "Can the assisting crew perform a brake test on a cut of cars for a train that is not their train?"
  • 3."Is there a published FRA book regarding railroad rules and personal fines that may be charged when an FRA rule is violated?" and "Where can I obtain such a publication?"

Legislative Update: Support for H.R. 3091 continues to grow

Efforts in the House of Representatives to secure support for H.R. 3091 has paid off with the addition of 33 new co-sponsors for a total of 180.

BLE members lend a helping hand to support USWA strike in Virginia

The Brothers of BLE Division 301 (Roanoke, Va.) recently donated $300 to help striking members of United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Local 240 in their struggle against Rubatex Incorporated.

BLE Job Bank

Canadian National/Illinois Central Railroad has immediate openings for experienced, certified Locomotive Engineers to work in the Chicago area off of a guaranteed extra board.

The Delaware & Hudson Railway Company is seeking certified Locomotive Engineers and conductors/trainmen in the New York state and Eastern Pennsylvania areas.

Annual NASLBC meeting to be in Niagara Falls

This year the National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen (NASLBC) will hold its annual meeting in Niagara Falls, Canada, reports NASLBC Secretary-Treasurer I. Perry Renfro.

BLE members killed in the line of duty, 1989-1999

Yvan Theriault -- December 30, 1999
R. A. Oertwig -- November 6, 1999
Carl Finzel -- August 11, 1999
Arnold Roth -- August 11, 1999
Don Blain -- April 23, 1999
Kevin Lihou -- April 23, 1999
Roger H. Bell -- January 17, 1999

BLE Senior Report: Federal income tax tips from RRB

The following questions and answers describe the benefit information statements issued by the Railroad Retirement Board each January for Federal income tax purposes. Railroad retirement beneficiaries needing information about these statements, or tax withholding from their benefits, should contact the nearest office of the Railroad Retirement Board. For further Federal income tax information, railroad retirement beneficiaries should contact the nearest office of the Internal Revenue Service.

BLE Senior Report: RRB to seek new Medicare provider

The three members of the panel chosen by the National Mediation Board to resolve the BLE-UTU dispute are noted for their vast wealth of experience and knowledge in labor relations.

BLE, UTU members sue UTU over secret deal with Grand Trunk

Members of the BLE on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad have brought a class action suit against the carrier and the United Transportation Union, claiming that UTU and GTW collaborated on a secret agreement that unfairly discriminated against BLE workers.

Canadian Spotlight: BLE victories continue on VIA Rail

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has taken another major step toward overturning an incredible ruling by a member of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

En Francais: La Cour d'appel fédérale impose un sursis sur la décision du CCRI

Setting the tone for the current round of national wage negotiations, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has reached a tentative agreement with Norfolk Southern that will have a positive impact for post-85 engineers.

Part 2: 'Reliance' and 'distraction' effects in PTC automation

3.4.1. Benefits of maintaining operating skills.

In maintaining their judgment and skills through on-the-job experience, the LE and C team (coordinating with the train dispatcher) protect a number of personnel from danger: themselves, any other personnel on their train, personnel on other trains, other railroad employees along the track, persons on passenger trains, and the public along the right-of-way. In their vigilance, this coordinated team also protects from damage to material property: their engine and cars; any lading of these cars...

BLE scholarships available for 2000, 2001 school years

A comprehensive list of financial aid available through BLE regional meetings, the GIA, Divisions, and other valuable sources.

Railroads report mixed 4th quarter income

A comprehensive review of financial gains and losses by major railroads in the U.S. and Canada.

Teamsters strike continues; BNSF to haul Overnite freight

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers continues to support the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in its strike against Union Pacific subsidiary Overnite Transportation Co.

Union Pacific cleared to implement 'Safety Awareness Training' program

A federal judge has dissolved the temporary restraining order that prohibited Union Pacific from implementing its Safety Awareness Training program.

News Briefs

  • Surface Transportation Board holds public hearing on future of rail consolidations in U.S.
  • Freight railroads increase rates
  • U.S. DOT announces proposed rule on locomotive whistles at highway-rail grade crossings
  • Surface Transportation Board initiates five-year review process of Conrail break-up
  • Fifty Detroit newspaper strikers go back to work

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