Volume 12, Number 1 ­ January 1998

Page 1
UTU seeks to eliminate craft of locomotive engineer
Rail Labor Division of AFL-CIO's TTD condemns UTU tactics
Simulators will help educate engineers
President Monin nominated to Amtrak Reform Board

Page 2
An important message to all BLE members from President Monin
Rail labor unites, pledges to support BLE
Acquisition of locomotive simulators will help BLE fulfill strategic initiatives

Page 3
Full-text of TTD's Rail Labor Division resolution condemning UTU
Questions and answers about the UTU raiding attempt

Page 4, Canadian Spotlight
Newly acquired simulators will help educate locomotive engineers (French version)

Page 5
BLE secures changes to UP's upgrade policy
UP's service problems continue
Railroads challenge Wisconsin two-man crew law

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
Electronic deposit of RRB checks on the horizon
Rose new information chief for RRB

Page 7
Wisconsin Central engineers form General Committee
Monin calls for an end to harassment
Seven secretary-treasurer training classes slated for 1998

Page 8
BLE membership surpasses 56,000
BLE Calendar
IWC announces updated plans for May 26-30 convention in Tucson


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