Second notice: Dependent eligibility audit for insurance continues

This is a follow-up reminder to all members regarding the dependent eligibility audit currently underway, in accordance with BLET Insurance Plan documents. The BLET first informed its members of the audit in September.

This audit is a fiduciary responsibility of the BLET Insurance Plan and is meant to make sure only eligible dependents are covered under the changes made to the definition of "dependent" in the last national agreement. Eligibility audits, such as the one currently being performed, are done to curb misuse and abuse of a plan in order to help insurance plans maintain a more streamlined form and to keep premiums from unnecessarily raising.

Two of the largest areas of concern are divorces and children who are of college age. As part of the audit, members may be asked to provide a copy of a marriage certificate, children's birth certificates, or proof of enrollment for dependents attending college.

All members who are covered by the Aetna National Dental Plan are involved in the audit and should have received a notice of participation that provided an audit helpline telephone number (1-866-682-5619). It is important to make sure that you participate in this audit to assure no disruption in your dependant's insurance coverage. The response rate has not been overly successful and non-responded dependents account for approximately 38% of the total survey at this time.

Participation in this project is extremely important because dependent eligibility will be terminated from all plans if no response is provided. The BLET National Division is receiving feedback from some members who don''t understand what has been sent, and from others who simply tossed the information as they felt it to be irrelevant. Without proper response, your dependants will be removed from coverage in early March, creating undo headaches for you and your family.



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