A message from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa

Agenda for the next President

A January 7 Detroit News online column by Amber Arellano told about a Michigan man who had worked as a skilled tradesman for more than 20 years. But as American companies began shifting jobs to foreign countries in search of cheaper labor, the man was hard-pressed to find work or a decent wage. He finally was forced to take a low-skilled, low-wage position. The column described the man as being depressed over losing the work he so loved to do.

The article hit a nerve with me because this man could be any of America's great working men and women. All the candidates keep talking about change, and how they will be the president to bring about a new way of governing to rebuild America.

From talking to the proud men and women who are Teamsters, I know a thing or two about what needs to be done to rebuild America.

Agenda for Next President

The outsourcing of jobs must come to an end. Every worker must be guaranteed a secure retirement future. Any talk of change must include a way to keep American jobs safe while keeping the United States a vital player in the global economy. There must be room at the table for workers' rights.

The Teamsters worked hard this past year to reinvigorate the American labor movement, and we hope the next president will join us in our battle to rebuild America.

These are the changes I expect the presidential candidates to talk about in the coming months in great detail. And these are the changes our next president must bring to Washington to rebuild America.

James P. Hoffa
General President



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