BLET gets arbitration win at IC&E

The BLET recently brought a claim for reinstatement to a successful conclusion on the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern short line railroad.

The victory before the First Division of the National Railroad Adjustment Board (Award No. 26329) involved an engineer who was suspended for 60 days without pay for being 60 minutes late to work on two separate occasions (25 minutes one day and then 35 minutes a week later).

The BLET successfully argued that the discipline was excessive, giving the BLET a decisive victory for its IC&E members. BLET National Vice President Rick Radek and Vice President Marcus Ruef represented the BLET during the Arbitration case.

VP Radek also held a special meeting with IC&E members in late 2006. As the new Vice President assigned to the IC&E, Radek met with IC&E leaders to assess their priorities and to strengthen the organization on the property. The top two concerns for IC&E workers are fatigue and safety, Radek said. The BLET is also seeking ways to halt the high turnover rate among IC&E operating employees. At start up just a few years ago, the railroad (the former IMRR) had 500 operating employees; today, that number has dropped to about 225.


From left: Jeff Kurtz, Iowa State Legislative Board Chairman; Al Mehlhouse, Division 200; Tracy Jensen, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 200; Rick Radek, BLET National Vice President; John Sexon, Local Chairman of Division 200; Dustin Heichel, IC&E General Chairman; Cory Carroll, Secretary-Treasurer of the IC&E General Committee; and Fred Rick, Local Chairman of Division 393.




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