Second report of the Election Supervisor for the IBT

GCA's conduct convention delegate nominations

Nominations can be in person or in writing

IBT General President candidate forum to be held after convention


Delegate Nominations and Elections ­ As of January 20, five General Committees of Adjustment have held nomination meetings for their IBT convention delegate election. All other GCA's including those with less than 100 members that have been consolidated into regions for IBT convention delegate voting, will be holding nomination meetings in the rest of January, and through February and March. A notice telling you the date, time and place of the nomination meeting should arrive at the address where you get this newsletter, and you should receive the notice at least three weeks before the meeting date.


Basic Rule For Nominations ­ All eligible members have the right to run for IBT convention delegate, alternate delegate and IBT international office. For the convention delegate position, you can attend your GCA's meeting in person to nominate or be nominated, or you can submit nominations, seconds and candidate acceptances in writing. You can even attend in person and submit written nomination materials. In the past, candidates have made sure they were nominated and seconded by several members to reduce the chances that they will be ruled ineligible, based on a nominator's or seconder's ineligibility.


BLET members must be members in good standing and must also have one (1) month of continuous good standing, the month prior to the month of nomination, to run for delegate or alternate delegate. BLET members who want to run for IBT international office must be members in good standing and must have five (5) months of continuous good standing, from January through May, 2006 in order to be eligible to be a candidate.


Nominations By Writing ­ The 2006 Rules allow all IBT members to submit nominations, seconds and acceptances in writing. Article II of the 2006 Rules contains specific instructions on what to include to have a valid written nomination, second or acceptance. A written nomination or second must be submitted to your GCA no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the date of the nomination meeting.


Candidate Acceptance ­ A nominated candidate may accept a nomination in person at the meeting, but the 2006 Rules do not require in-person acceptances: a candidate can also accept a nomination in writing. To do that, the candidate must submit a signed acceptance to the GCA General Chairman before the meeting or instruct a person who will attend the meeting to submit it to the individual conducting the nomination process before the close of nominations. Written nominations, seconds and acceptances can be delivered in person, by mail, by express delivery, or by fax or email transmission as long as they are received by the deadlines stated above.

To find out the nomination meeting date for your GCA, meeting date, go to the "Dates, Times, and Places" chart under "Delegate Elections" on Election Supervisor's website, That chart will be updated with summary information about the results of each nomination meeting. It will show if there is a contested election for delegate and alternate delegate in each GCA, and dates when ballots will be mailed out and counted. If the number of candidates nominated was the same as the number of delegates to be elected, the nominees are deemed elected and the "Dates, Times, and Places" chart will note a "White Ballot" for the local union. There is no mail ballot after a "White Ballot."


Delegate candidates are conducting campaigns now, and campaigning will continue through at least April 30, 2006 when the election period ends. All union members have the right to campaign actively for delegate and alternate delegate candidates and candidates for IBT international office, without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Basically, the Rules protect the rights of candidates and their supporters to distribute information, and the rights of members to receive campaign information. The Rules provide candidates with the right to distribute campaign material using the GCA's mailing list (at the candidate's expense), to display literature on tables or bulletin boards at local union meeting halls, to get information about collective bargaining agreements and worksite locations, and to campaign in employer parking lots. Read Art. VII of the 2006 Rules for a description of the political and campaigning rights of members and candidates. Violation of candidate or member rights protected by the Rules can be protested, and may subject the violator to sanctions.


As delegate election results are certified, the name and GCA affiliation of each elected delegate will be posted to the list of Certified Convention delegates and alternate delegates on the Election Supervisor's website. Each delegate and alternate delegate certified as elected will receive a letter from the Election Supervisor confirming that fact. Any member may contact a delegate or alternate delegate to the IBT convention. A member needing contact information for a delegate may ask the delegate's local union, or may obtain that information from the Election Supervisor's Office.


New Rule on Candidate Forums ­ A new rule, applicable for the first time in the 2006 IBT International Officer Election, requires the Election Supervisor to hold "at least one candidate forum for all nominated candidates for the office of General President." You can read the new rule in the version of the Rules published at The new rule requires a candidate forum for all candidates nominated at the IBT International Convention for the office of General President, and requires that the forum to be held between August 14 and September 1, 2006. Details of the required General President candidates' forum ­ including location, time, format, and how it will be made available to the IBT membership ­ remain to be decided and will be addressed later this year. Send any suggestions you have about the required General President candidates' forum to the Election Supervisor's office by mail or email.


Rules Booklets ­ A pocket-sized version of the Rules is available on request. Multiple copies of the have been sent to each GCA. You may obtain one from your GCA or request a copy from the Election Supervisor's office. Spanish and French pocket-sized versions of the Rules are also available on request from the Election Supervisor's office.


Up- to-date information for both the Election Supervisor's headquarters and the Regional Directors may be found at


Richard W. Mark

Election Supervisor



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