Update regarding possible $2,000 death benefit

New contact informationf or families of CN/IC-CC&P employees

BLE General Chairman John Koonce provided updated information for BLE members on the CN/IC-CC&P properties regarding the $2,000 MetLife death benefit announced in the December 2002 issue of the Locomotive Engineer Newsletter.

Effective June 3, 2002 all CN/IC-CC&P Engineers were covered under the new CN health and welfare plan and no longer by national handling under United HealthCare.

Employees on these properties who passed away before June 3, 2002, are covered under the MetLife plan (see below). Employees who pass away on or after June 3, 2002, will be covered under the CN/IC­CC&P plan and the $2,000 death benefit will be paid by CN.

Those covered by the Canadian National health and welfare agreement who seek to file a claim on or after June 3, 2002, should contact:

In the December 2002 issue of the Newsletter, it was reported that MetLife Insurance Company had initiated an "outreach" program to identify surviving family members of deceased railroad employees who may be eligible for $2,000 in unclaimed funds.

Surviving family members of retired railroad employees who died between 1964 and 2001 may be entitled to receive the $2,000 life insurance benefit.

MetLife identified the BLE as one of 20 unions representing eligible railroad workers.

Certain retired employees of participating railroads may have been covered under group life insurance policies issued to the Health and Welfare Plan of the nation's railroads and the Railway Labor Organizations. The amount of the coverage is $2,000.00 per insured. However, the intended beneficiary may not have filed a claim for benefits, and thus, no claim would have been processed.

If you believe that you may be eligible for benefits or have information regarding individuals who may be eligible, please contact MetLife's Railroad Operations Center at (800) 310-7770. Proof of eligibility (including proof of death) will be necessary to process each claim and MetLife will make all claim determinations. MetLife representatives will answer your questions and, if appropriate, assist you in filing a claim.

Potential individual beneficiaries who contact the toll free MetLife number will be routed to a dedicated service team that will begin a process of verifying the railroad employees' eligibility and expediting the claim adjudication process The address for submitting claims is as follows:

MetLife's "outreach" program is the result of a federal lawsuit brought by the State of Kansas against MetLife Insurance Company, filed in February 2002. As a result of the decision rendered on or about October 9, 2002, MetLife agreed initiate an Outreach Program to handle claims for railroad retiree survivors who were unaware of a $2,000.00 death benefit covered under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan.



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