Advisory Board December 2002 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Don M. Hahs-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; General office duties; Special Rep. meeting; National Legislative Board mtg.; Division 197 mtg. (San Antonio); Teamsters mtgs.; TTD mtg.; Mtg. w/ David Gunn, Amtrak President; Mtg. w/ Alan Rutter, FRA Administrator; Mtg. w/ Russian delegation of trade unionists; BLE ID Christmas party; Holidays.

First Vice-President & Alternate President Edward W. Rodzwicz- Assisted President in general operation of ID office; Various correspondence and telephone calls; VP assignments; BLE/IBT Constitution & Bylaws committee mtgs.; Division 182, Little Rock, Ark.; Kentucky State Legislative Board function, Corbin, Ky.; Holiday; Vacation day; TTD mtg., Washington, D.C.

General Secretary-Treasurer William C. Walpert-General supervision of BLE financial, record depts.; ID office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; Safety Task Force; Meetings with vendors and financial institutions; Mtg. w/ Special Reps., Las Vegas; Mtg. w/ polling firm, re: Teamsters merger, Washington, D.C.; Div. 182 (N. Little Rock, Ark.) Christmas party; Christmas party, all divisions, Kansas City, Mo.; Ky. State Leg. Bd. Christmas party, Corbin, Ky.; Finance Subcommittee mtg., re: proposed Teamsters merger, Washington, D.C.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Assisted Grand Trunk Western, Norfolk Southern-Northern Lines and CSXT General Committees with various issues; Served as Employee Member of SBA 1063; Attended mtg. w/ Bylaws Committee for BLE/IBT discussions; Attended Division functions, Greenville, S.C. (Divs. 84 and 598), Savannah, Ga. (Divs. 646 & 803), Corbin, Ky. (Div. 463); General office duties.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- ID Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); Illinois Central; Wisconsin Central; Indiana Harbor Belt; METRA; Belt Rwy. of Chicago; Paducah & Louisville; Chicago Central & Pacific; Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Rwy.; Commuter Rail Labor Assn. mtgs., Metra, Chicago; Labor/management quarterly mtg., Metra, Chicago; Div. 520 mtg., EJ&E, Calumet City, Ill.; NRAB arbitration, Chicago; Agreement Extension mtg., Metra; CN-IC Labor/management conferences, Chicago; IHB general assistance, Chicago; FRA Part 240.409 dockets this month: EQAL 2001-06 (CSX), 01-91 (UP), 01-82 (UP), 01-23 (UP), 01-69 (UP), 01-36 (UP), 02-10 (UP).

Vice-President Dale McPherson - CP Rail; I&M Rail Link; Port. Term. RR; Lonview Portland & Northern; Longview Switching; Indiana RR; M&NA; Utah RR; UP (Eastern District); UP (former CNW); BLE national bargaining cmte.; Constitution & Bylaws committee, BLE/IBT; UP work-rest projects; Public Law Boards 5604, 5681, 5721, 6040, 6281, 6589; General office duties; Claim/discipline conference, I&MRL; Mtgs. w/ UP GC MacArthur/LC's Comm. Serv.; BNSF (former SLSF) open house; Membership/organizing mtgs., Salt Lake City; Mtgs. w/ CP Rail GC Priester; Mtgs. w/ CP Rail & GC Priester, re: contract neg.; Conference call-GCs, Advisory Board.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Raymond A. Holmes - Washington D.C. office; General office duties; National Legislative Board mtgs., San Antonio; DOT holiday reception, Washington, D.C.; TTD retirement dinner for Dave Lucci, RRB and Joe Stringer, IBB&B; TTD/Rail Division mtg.; Receptions for Cong. Pomeroy (D-ND), Hoyer (D-MD), Cong.-elect Bell (D-TX); National Democratic Club Christmas Party; Sheet Metal Workers holiday party; Christmas party for BLE Divs. 61, 81, 147, 336, 491, 708, 393, 120, 107, 502, 930, 75, Kansas City.

Vice-President Merle W. Geiger Jr.- Assigned to: KCS; Midsouth; South Rail; Gateway Western; Springfield Terminal/Delaware & Hudson; Tex Mex RR; New York, Susquehanna & Western; Meridian Southern Rwy.; Prepare cases for PLB 6465; PLB 6465 session, KCS; Div. 270 (Indiana Southern) mtg. and officer elections, Washington, Ind.; Contract mtgs. w/ Indiana & Ohio RR, Cincinnati, Ohio; BNSF GCofAs Christmas party; BNSF (former BN GCofA) holiday open house; General office duties, research, paperwork.

Vice-President Stephen D. Speagle-General office duties; ID mtg. w/ GCs Williams & Morrison, Fort Worth; Safety summit mtg., Tucson, gave presentation; Mtg. w/ MRL & non-op unions on bridge insurance; Mtgs. w/ GCs Williams & Gibbons on traffic & ID agreement, Decatur; Mtgs. on Canadian fatigue law, Seattle; Executive session for arbitration award, Kansas City Seniority, BNSF/MRL.

Vice-President E.L. "Lee" Pruitt - Assisted general chairmen & members of the following properties: UP-Western Lines; UP-Western Region; UP-Central Region; UP-Southern Region; UP-Tacoma Belt; General office duties, telephone paperwork, filing; Prepare for arbitration, UPWL, assisting GC Hannah; PLD arbitration, UPWL, assiting GC Hannah; UPSRGCA remote demonstration, San Antonio, assisting GC Gore and members; Assisting UPRR & Tacoma Belt general chairmen & members.

Vice-President Paul L. Wingo Jr. - NS Southern Lines & NS Eastern Region GCofAs; BLE Security Officer; Mtgs. of Finance Subcommittee on proposed IBT merger, Washington, D.C.; PLB in Norfolk, Va., w/ GC Knight; Assisted Div. 271 officers at Greenup, Ky., commission mtg. re: remote control resolution; General office duties.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa Office; Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) hearings, re: Via Rail (three weeks), Toronto; Arbitration, Montreal; Mtgs. w/ CN Rail and Via Rail, Quebec; R. Dixon retirement reception, Montreal; Mtgs. w/ Don Hahs, Cleveland; Mtgs. w/ ONR, North Bay.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; National Legislative Board-Canada; CNR Senior H&S policy cmte. mtg., Reception w/ Minister of Labour, Montreal; CCROU work/rest mtg., Railway Assoc. of Canada reception, Ottawa; CNR fatigue management plan mtg., Montreal; Mtg. w/ Minister of Labour, Claudette Bradshaw, Montreal; Mtg. w/ Caley and Wray, Essex Terminal Railway pension, Toronto; HRDC atelephone survey; CCROU caucus, CPR fatigue management, Calgary; CCROU/CPR national negotiations/BLE safety management system mtgs., Calgary; BNF fatigue manageemnt plan mtg., Seattle; CCROU/CPR national negotiations; CPR Pensioners Assoc. mtg., Thunder Bay; CPR belt pack mtgs., Thunder Bay.


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