BLE to conduct training workshops in 2002

Compliance Department offers tax tips

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers will conduct four Secretary-Treasurer, Local Chairman and Legislative Representative training workshops in 2002.

The workshops will take place at the BLE's four regional meetings - June 16-20 in Virginia Beach, Va., July 21-25 in Kennewick, Wash., August 18-23 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and September 23-26 in Fort Worth, Texas. For convention contact information and registration details, please see the Calendar and Events listing at the right of this page.

Secretary-Treasurers, Local Chairmen and Legislative Representatives are encouraged to attend one or more of these workshops to bring them up to speed on the most current rules and regulations affecting their jobs.

It is highly recommended that first-time and newly-elected officers attend one of these workshops, but they have proven beneficial to veteran officers as well.

All workshops will be administered by International Division officers and Staff.

During the intensive Secretary-Treasurer sessions, S-Ts will learn proper record keeping techniques, computer applications, minute-taking techniques and required reporting procedures.

2001-2002 Tax Tips

Dr. Elaine Reese, Director of the BLE's Compliance Department, often lends assistance to S-Ts completing their Division's and GCofA's tax returns. This year, Dr. Reese offers the following tips:


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