BNSF, CN propose $19 billion merger

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers was victorious over the Union Pacific Railroad on December 16 as it obtained a temporary restraining order that halted the railroad's implementation of a bogus "Safety Awareness Training" program.

The program was nothing more than a way of harassing and intimidating employees who were injured through no fault of their own, the BLE successfully argued.

"Union Pacific unilaterally established this program to further harass and intimidate employees who get hurt," said UP General Chairman Gene Thompson. "It's just the UP mentality."

Under the SAT program, workers who were recently injured, or injured twice in the last five years through no fault of their own, were brought in for a full day session of graphic videos and intimidating speeches delivered by Union Pacific management. In addition, workers subjected to the SAT program were secretly observed for 90 days.

The videos were filled with violence and gore, including arms and limbs being amputated and railroad workers being crushed and mutilated between coupling railroad cars.

UP claimed the SAT program was created to improve safety, but some employees were subjected to the program even though they were injured through no fault of their own.

For example, a locomotive engineer who was injured while riding home from work in a company provided van. The window was down and the engineer was hit in the face with an egg thrown by a teenage vandal.

The temporary restraining order, which applies to the entire UP system, was issued by Federal Judge Herndon of the Southern District of Illinois.

The Restraining Order prohibits UP from implementing the SAT program indefinitely. Further hearings were scheduled for December 22, but have been postponed indefinitely at the request of UP management.

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