Lyons reelected General Chairman of CSX-Northern Lines GCA

CLEVELAND, May 15 William P. Lyons was reelected by acclamation to the office of General Chairman of the CSX-Northern Lines General Committee of Adjustment at its quadrennial meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., that began on May 9, 2017.

Brother Lyons is a CSX locomotive engineer and a member of BLET Division 34 (Columbus, Ohio). He first joined the Brotherhood on September 1, 2003. This is his second full term as General Chairman, having won election in 2013 and serving as Acting General chairman prior to that. He was elected to the office of 2nd Vice General Chairman at the GCAs 2009 quadrennial meeting.

First Vice General Chairman J.D. Scott of Division 34 (Columbus, Ohio) and Secretary-Treasurer Chris C. Colucy of Division 526 (Willard, Ohio) were also reelected by acclamation.

The following GCA officers were also elected:2nd Vice General Chairman Brian Farkas, Division 121 (Indianapolis, Ind.); 1st Alternate Vice General Chairman David Doc Woods, Division 246 (Evansville, Ind.); 2nd Alternate Vice General Chairman William Rominski, Division 370 (Pittsburgh, Pa); Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Ken Burkhalter, Division 526 (Willard, Ohio); Eastern Region Vice General Chairman Marty Crothers, Division 231 (Philadelphia, Pa.); Western Region Vice General Chairman Abe Vasquez, Division 582 (Chicago, Ill.); Midwest Region Vice General Chairman Ed Donnelly, Division 542 (Detroit, Mich.); and Central Region Vice General Chairman William Rominski, Division 370 (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

Elected to serve on the Audit Committee were: Mike Huber, Division 100 (Danville, Ill.); Marty Crothers, Division 231 (Philadelphia, Pa.); and Ed Donnelly, Division 542 (Detroit, Mich.)

In addition to regular business, the GCA also recognized Brothers Richard Woolridge, Division 561 (Richmond, Va.) and Abe Vasquez, Division 582 (Chicago, Ill.) for their dedicated service to the Brotherhood.

Representing the BLET National Division at the meeting were: First Vice President E. Lee Pruitt; National Secretary-Treasurer Stephen J. Bruno; and National Vice President Gil L. Gore.

I congratulate Brother Lyons and all officers of the CSX Northern Lines GCA on their elections and thank them for their service to the members of our Brotherhood, President Pierce said. I have every confidence that Brother Lyons and his team of officers will continue to do an excellent job of protecting the rights of the members they represent.

The CSX-Northern Lines General Committee of Adjustment represents nearly 3,000 active and retired members.

Monday, May 15, 2017

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