Rail worker health care coverage extended to legally married same-sex spouses

CLEVELAND, December 9 -- Effective January 1, 2014, The Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan (GA-23000), The Railroad Employees National Dental Plan (GP-12000), The Railroad Employees National Vision Plan, and the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit Plan (GA-46000) will provide dependent coverage for legally married same-sex spouses of eligible employees.

Although the benefit is not required by law or under current collective bargaining agreements, Rail Labor and Rail Management reached an agreement to extend dependent coverage to eligible employee''''s legally married same sex spouse. The agreement reached is in light of recent changes allowing same-sex couples to access the same federal tax benefits provided to other married couples.

Employees will receive additional details concerning this coverage in the coming weeks. The National Health and Welfare Plans cover approximately 400,000 lives at an annual cost of approximately $2 billion.

Monday, December 09, 2013


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