Kerley reelected General Chairman of CSXT-Western Lines

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, July 26 Keith Kerley was reelected by acclamation to his second term as General Chairman of the BLETs CSXT Western Lines General Committee of Adjustment at the GCAs quadrennial meeting on July 13-14,2021.

A CSXT locomotive engineer, Brother Kerley has been a proud member of BLET Division 782 (Etowah, Tenn.) since October of 1998. He was first elected General Chairman at the GCAs 2017 quadrennial meeting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Immediately prior to his 2017 election, Brother Kerley served as Senior Vice General Chairman of the CSXT Western Lines GCA.

Also elected at the 2021 quadrennial meeting were: 1st Vice General Chairman David W. Engle (reelected by acclamation), Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.); 2nd Vice General Chairman A. Lee Tate, Division 129 (Nashville, Tenn.); 3rd Vice General Chairman Justin B. Dzan, Division 365 (Louisville, Ky.); 4th Vice General Chairman Steven Kiser (elected by acclamation), Division 698 (Ashland, Ky.); 5th Vice General Chairman Roderick D. Crosby, Division 495 (Montgomery, Ala.); Secretary-Treasurer David P. Fitzgerald Jr. (reelected by acclamation), Division 781 (Erwin, Tenn.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Kevin J. Townsend (reelected by acclamation), Division 41 (Nashville, Tenn.). Brother Fitzgerald is beginning his third term as the GCAs Secretary-Treasurer, first winning election in 2013 and then reelection by acclamation in 2017 and 2021. He has continuously served Division 781 as Secretary-Treasurer since January of 2004.

Delegates elected the following regional chairmen by acclamation: Eastern Regional Chairman Michael S. Edwards, Division 781 (Erwin, Tenn.); Western Regional Chairman Jason E. Lynn, Division 742 (Evansville, Ind.); South Regional Chairman W. Glen Ware, Division 332 (Montgomery, Ala.); and North Regional Chairman John V. Pedro, Division 26 (Richmond, Va.).

BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce addressed the delegates on behalf of the National Division. National Vice President J. Alan Holdcraft was also in attendance. Brother Gil Gore, retired BLET National Vice President, served as parliamentarian during the meeting.

I congratulate Brother Kerley and all officers of the CSXT Western Lines on their election, President Pierce said. I thank them for their dedicated service to our Brotherhood, and I know they will do an excellent job of protecting the rights of our members.

Brother Kerley hired out on CSXT in September of 1998, and has worked his entire railroad career on the AP/KD Sub Division between Etowah, Tennessee, and Corbin, Kentucky, primarily as a locomotive engineer. He transferred into engine service in November of 1999 after working as a conductor for just over one year. Although cut back to train service after completing the Apprentice Engineer program until 2001, he has held continuous membership in BLET Division 782 since October of 1998.

Prior to his election as Local Chairman in December of 2009, Brother Kerley served Division 782 in numerous elected offices over the years, including Alternate Legislative Representative, Vice President, President and Vice Local Chairman. In 2013, he was elected as the Senior Vice General Chairman for the CSXT Western Lines GCA, a position he held until he was elevated to General Chairman. Brother Kerley and his wife Tammy have been married for more than 30 years and they have one daughter, Hannah.

The CSXT Western Lines General Committee of Adjustment represents nearly 3,300 active and retired members from 25 BLET Divisions who work for CSX, the Indiana Rail Road Company, and the Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks.

Monday, July 26, 2021

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