Pearson reelected Colorado State Legislative Board Chairman

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, October 16 — Brother Paul E. Pearson of BLET Division 133 (Denver, Colo.) was reelected by acclamation to his second term as Chairman of the Colorado State Legislative Board at its seventh quadrennial meeting on September 24, 2020.

A Union Pacific locomotive engineer, Brother Pearson hired out with the Southern Pacific in August of 1994. He earned promotion to locomotive engineer in 1995 and joined the Brotherhood effective August 1, 1995. Over the years, Brother Pearson has served Division 133 as Legislative Representative, Trustee, Alternate Secretary-Treasurer and Alternate Legislative Representative. Brother Pearson’s service to the Colorado State Legislative Board began in 2008 when he was elected to serve as Secretary-Treasurer, an office he was reelected to by acclamation in 2012. He was first elected Chairman at the Colorado SLB’s 2016 quadrennial meeting. Brother Pearson serves as Mobilization Captain for the BLET’s Union Pacific membership in Colorado.

Also elected by acclamation during the 2020 quadrennial meeting were: 1st Vice Chairman: Michael Bevirt, Division 940 (Denver, Colo.); 2nd Vice Chairman: Scott Burkey, Division 727 (Sterling, Colo.); Secretary Treasurer: Christopher J. Sherwood, Division 505 (La Junta, Colo.); and Alternate Secretary Treasurer: Jordan Lucero, Division 505 (La Junta, Colo.).

Elected by acclamation to serve as Trustees were: Richard Aguilar, Division 256 (Denver, Colo.); Michael Dunkelberger, Division 256 (Denver, Colo.); and Ryan Parker, Division 29 (Pueblo, Colo.).

Representing the BLET National Division at the meeting were: National President Dennis R. Pierce; Vice President & National Legislative Representative John P. Tolman; Director of Political and Legislative Affairs Robert F. Hagan.

“I congratulate and thank Brother Pearson and all officers of the Colorado State Legislative Board,” President Pierce said. “Brother Pearson was part of the coalition that successfully lobbied for passage of a two-person crew bill, which the Governor of Colorado signed into law during 2019. I am sure he will continue to do an excellent job representing the best interests of Colorado’s BLET members during his second term as Chairman.”

Additional special guests included: Dennis Daugherty, Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director; Karl Hanlon, candidate for Colorado State Senate District 8; and several BLET State Legislative Board Chairmen.

The Colorado State Legislative Board represents 11 BLET Divisions and approximately 1,000 active and retired members.

Friday, October 16, 2020

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