BLET members urged to act on INVEST in America Act

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, June 25 — Members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, BLET Auxiliary, retirees, and their family members are urged to contact their legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of the INVEST in America Act.

Formally titled the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act, the INVEST in America Act contains many significant rail safety improvements that have been central to the BLET’s legislative efforts since 2008, including:

• Two-person train crews;
• Increased Amtrak funding;
• Fatigue mitigation;
• Unsafe train lengths, including the impact on blocked crossings;
• Safety culture assessments;
• Protecting American rail jobs at the U.S.–Mexico border; and
• Crew member assault prevention.

The bill was introduced on June 3, 2020, by Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio (D–OR) and Railroad Subcommittee Chairman Dan Lipinski (D–IL). The Committee approved the bill on June 18, at which point it went to the full House of Representatives for consideration.

With a full House vote expected on July 1, the BLET is asking all members and their families to reach out to their members of Congress now, and urge them to vote “Yes” on the INVEST in America Act.

“We have had the opportunity to work with legislators who support the men and women who work in the railroad industry, and this is the result,” said BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce. “I cannot stress enough the importance of BLET members contacting their representatives in Congress on this issue. The strength of our Union is built on members taking action together. The INVEST in America Act should also serve as a litmus test for the upcoming November elections. Those politicians who support your safety issues and your jobs have earned your support in return.”

Members can call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Members can also visit the House of Representatives website if they instead prefer to email their Representative:

For more information about the INVEST in America Act, please see the BLET News Flash of June 4, 2020:

Thursday, June 25, 2020

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