Evans reelected CN-IC General Chairman

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, June 17 — William D. (Billy) Evans was reelected by acclamation to his second term of office as General Chairman of the BLET’s Canadian National-Illinois Central (CN-IC) General Committee of Adjustment (GCA) at the GCA’s quadrennial meeting on June 9, 2020.

A CN-IC locomotive engineer, Brother Evans hired out as a brakeman in 1995 in Memphis, Tenn. In 1997, he earned promotion to locomotive engineer and joined BLET Division 203 in Jackson, Miss. Brother Evans was elected First Vice General Chairman of the CN-IC GCA in 2012 and was reelected again in 2016. He became General Chairman in June of 2018 following the retirement of then-General Chairman Clay E. Craddock.

Also elected were: Vice General Chairman Jeremy Wilborn, Division 203 (Jackson, Miss); 2nd Vice General Chairman Monty Murphy, Division 24 (Centralia, Ill.); 3rd Vice General Chairman Jonathan Walters, Division 10 (Chicago, Ill.); 4th Vice General Chairman Lanie Keith, Division 593 (Meridian, Miss.); and Secretary-Treasurer Chuck Grigsby, Division 602 (Champaign, Ill);

Elected to serve as alternate officers were: Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Chris McDonald, Division 577 (Mattoon, Ill); 1st Alternate Vice GC Charlie Lough, Division 131 (Chicago, Ill); 2nd Alternate Vice GC Judd Schust, Division 315 (Clinton, Ill); 3rd Alternate Vice GC Shawn Early, Division 8 (Slater, Mo.); and 4th Alternate Vice GC Kelvin Nelson, Division 827 (Laurel, Miss.). Elected to serve as Trustees were: Tom Bloom, Division 114 (Waterloo, Iowa); Monty Murphy, Division 24 (Centralia, Ill.); and Alan Douglas, Division 762 (Memphis, Tenn.).

Representing the BLET National Division at the meeting were: National President Dennis R. Pierce; National Vice President Marcus R. Ruef; and National Vice President J. Alan Holdcraft.

“I offer my sincere congratulations to Brother Evans and all officers of the CN-IC General Committee of Adjustment, and I thank them for their dedication to our Brotherhood,” President Pierce said. “Brother Evans is one of our veteran leaders and I know he and his GCA will continue doing an excellent job of representing our Brothers and Sisters.”

Brother Evans has been actively involved in the Brotherhood over the past 20 years. He has served Division 203 as Alternate Secretary-Treasurer (2000-2003), Vice Local Chairman (2003-2004), and Local Chairman (2004-2018). He also served Division 203 as Legislative Representative for several terms between 2000 and 2018, when he became General Chairman. From 2008-2018, Brother Evans also served the BLET as Chairman of the Mississippi State Legislative Board.

The BLET’s CN-IC GCA is comprised of 19 Local Divisions and represents nearly 1,400 active and retired members. The GCA represents multiple railroads, including CN properties (Illinois Central, Chicago Central & Pacific, Cedar River Railway), Kansas City Southern properties (MidSouth Rail Corp., SouthRail Corp, Gateway & Western), Illinois & Midland Railroad and the IC Electric Division of Metra in Chicago.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


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