Brown reelected General Chairman of BNSF (former C&S, CRI&P, FWD) GCA

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, December 12 Bobby J. Brown was reelected by acclamation to his third term as General Chairman of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (former C&S, CRI&P, FW&D) General Committee of Adjustment at its quadrennial meeting in Amarillo, Texas, October 14-16, 2019.

A member of BLET Division 574 (Amarillo, Texas), Brother Brown has held continuous membership in the Brotherhood for over 40 years, having first joined the Organization on December 1, 1979. He hired out as a brakeman on the Santa Fe in 1970, moved to the Rock Island in 1972, then to the Fort Worth & Denver (FW&D) in 1977. He earned promotion to locomotive engineer in 1978, and in 1982 was elected to the office of Vice Local Chairman of his Division. He served in that position until he was elected Local Chairman in 1989, and served as Vice General Chairman and Alternate General Chairman until being elected General Chairman in 2011. He was then reelected by acclamation to the office of General Chairman in 2015.

Also elected at the 2019 quadrennial meeting were: 1st Vice Chairman Troy R. Martin, Division 430 (Trinidad, Colo.); 2nd Vice Chairman Billy H. Bonner III, Division 703 (Teague, Texas); 3rd Vice Chairman Larry M. Yaws, Division 574 (Amarillo, Texas); Secretary-Treasurer Tim R. Williamson, Division 430 (Trinidad, Colo.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Trent B. Long, Division 703 (Teague, Texas). Elected to serve as Trustees were: Joe R. Berlin II, Division 189 (Fort Worth, Texas); Aaron M. Wilkerson, Division 186 (Denver, Colo.); and Darrin K. Wheeler, Division 736 (Wichita Falls, Texas).

Representing the BLET National Division at the meeting were National President Dennis R. Pierce and National Vice President Michael D. Priester, who is the Vice President assigned to that property.

I offer my congratulations to Bobby Brown and all officers of the General Committee of Adjustment, BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce said. I thank them for their service to our Brotherhood, and I also thank the delegates to the general committee for their active participation in our Brotherhood.

Special guests included: Robby Cunningham, BNSF/ATSF General Chairman; Jeremy McFather, BNSF/ATSF 1st Vice Chairman; Chris Mosser, BNSF/ATSF Secretary-Treasurer; Jeff Thurman, BNSF/SLSF General Chairman; Randy Dumey, BNSF/SLSF 1st Vice Chairman; Kyle King, BNSF/SLSF 3rd Vice Chairman; Kent Psota, BNSF/MRL General Chairman; Jess Nelson, BNSF/MRL 2nd Vice Chairman; Vern Gordon, BNSF/MRL 3rd Vice Chairman; and Gary Pedigo, Texas State Legislative Board Chairman.

The BNSF (former C&S, CRI&P, FWD) GCA represents approximately 450 locomotive engineers and trainmen belonging to six different BLET Local Divisions.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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