Oil train explosions: U.S. regulators slow to react

(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, February 13, 2014)

NEW YORK -- For most of the 14 years that Tinamarie Hatlee has lived in Ravena, N.Y., a small town south of Albany, she didnt mind the trains that passed 50 feet from the back door of her house. They came only a few times a day and moved slowly, so the noise was bearable. But starting last summer, Hatlee says, the trains have been rumbling by every few hours, from early morning until well past midnight. And they go much quicker, as fast as 50 miles an hour, she estimates. Many are oil trains hundreds of black tank cars filled with tens of thousands of barrels of crude, mainly from oil fields in North Dakota, on their way to refineries on the East Coast. Its terrifying to think of all that oil flying by so close to my house, Hatlee says. I dont understand why they have to go so fast.

Full story: Bloomberg Businessweek

Friday, February 14, 2014


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