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BLET Initiates Online Division Secretary-Treasurer & Local Chairman Training in February 2019

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, February 6 — The BLET’s Education and Training Department is proud to announce the availability of online video courses to provide convenient, repeatable, and cost-effective training for Division Secretary-Treasurers and Local Chairmen.

During the BLET Fourth National Convention, National President Dennis R. Pierce announced to the delegates “This is an important step in providing better educational opportunities for BLET members,” and that “online classes will not replace the actual classes that the BLET will still offer during the year. Rather, the online training will assist newly elected officers in the field get started on the right foot and act as an enhancement to the regularly scheduled classes.”

E&T Director Jason Wright said, “This project is in its beginning stages and as we move forward we hope to make even more essential training more readily available to the field, which will make us stronger as a Union as we move into the future. These online enhancements will allow us to take a much deeper dive into these subjects in class, with more time for discussion, strategy, and address questions that may arise during your time in office.”

The training will be available in secure online forums using Adobe Connect virtual collaboration tools, and will eventually be accessible across different platforms and devices. Training can be done at the user’s own pace during their free time. Once a member enrolls they will receive an email information package from the BLET Education and Training Department on how to access the material. Currently, users must access these modules using a desktop or laptop computer, but in the future the training will be available using tablets.

For additional information pertaining to Online Training, please visit:

Any questions regarding online training can be addressed by contacting Director of Education and Training Jason Wright at TrainingSupport@ble-t.org.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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