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Open enrollment extended to January 15 at midnight for Aflac Critical Illness and Accident benefits

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, January 8 — Due to overwhelming membership interest, Aflac has granted an extension to the Open Enrollment period for the new BLET National Aflac Critical Illness and Accident benefits — first announced on September 6, 2017. All active members are now eligible for the new benefits and can enroll through midnight on January 15, 2018.

Highlights of the plans include:
• Guaranteed approved coverage during open enrollment with no medical questions;
• Lump sum benefits paid directly to you;
• You can cover your spouse and/or children;
• Price stays the same forever and you can keep the coverage after you retire; and
• Helps offset the costs of deductibles and copays.

To get enrolled, call (224) 770-5322 prior to the deadline. For more information, please visit uniondisability.com/blet-group-aflac-and-trustmark/. Those who enroll in either of the Aflac plans during the open enrollment cannot be declined and are guaranteed issue with no health questions asked.

The Aflac Critical Illness and Accident benefits are two of the three new, optional member-owned benefits available to all active BLET members. The third is a Universal Life Insurance with Long-Term Care (LTC) benefit underwritten by Trustmark Insurance Company. Members interested in the Universal Life benefit should note that is not subject to the January 15, 2018, open enrollment deadline. These new insurance offerings are intended to help members build financial protection for their families through affordable voluntary benefits.


Aflac is different from major medical insurance. It’s insurance for daily living. If you’re sick or injured, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you to help address out-of-pocket medical costs, everyday expenses — whatever you choose. More than 50 million people worldwide have chosen Aflac voluntary insurance products for the added comfort of being better prepared for whatever life may bring.


After an accident, you may have expenses you’ve never thought about. Can your finances handle them? It’s reassuring to know that an Accident Insurance plan can be there for you through the many stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization, to follow-up treatments or physical therapy. Group Accident Insurance from Aflac helps with out-of-pocket costs that arise when you have a covered accident such as a fracture, dislocation, or laceration.


The Aflac Group Critical Illness Insurance plan can help with the treatment costs of covered critical illnesses, such as a heart attack, cancer or a stroke. More importantly, the plan helps you focus on recuperation instead of the distraction and stress over the costs of medical and personal bills. With Group Critical Illness Insurance from Aflac, you receive cash benefits directly — giving you the flexibility to help pay bills related to treatment or to help with everyday living expenses.


Universal Life is a comprehensive benefit option to help shield a family from financial hardship if a spouse or loved one passes away. This insurance is fully portable and offers a maximum death benefit up to $300,000 along with living benefits, which can be utilized for long-term care, home health care, and adult day care or assisted living.

Universal Life accumulates cash value which the policyholder can access as part of his/her retirement plan or can borrow money through a loan against the cash value.

Many members want to protect their families’ futures with end-of-life benefits; however, an important health care benefit for families is long-term care. In fact, the average length of a stay for long-term care in the U.S. is three years, and the cost for this care can range from $200-$300 per day. With a steep price tag, it’s more important than ever to have long-term care built into benefits offerings to help provide a financial safety net during difficult times.

Since the Universal Life by Trustmark benefit is not guaranteed issued and since there is a simplified underwriting process, Active members of the BLET may apply for the Trustmark benefit at any time during the year.


Members with questions are encouraged to call Cornerstone at (224) 770-5322 for more information, or please visit uniondisability.com/blet-group-aflac-and-trustmark/.

Monday, January 8, 2018

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