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Why I知 voting YES on the Tentative National Agreement

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 16 The following is an email to National President Dennis R. Pierce from Brother James E. Armes of Division 42 (St. Louis, Mo.).

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泥ear President Pierce:

You and your team did an outstanding job just getting this contract with such an anti-worker political climate and such a hatred of employees by their employers. I致e seen a lot in my 38 years but never such a push against union workers and hard working people. I知 voting yes for this agreement and I beg all the younger employees to read and understand how this Congress votes. Their record shows how they think about the middle class. Just be real and read the facts.

James Edward Armes
UPRR Locomotive Engineer
BLET Division 42, St. Louis, Mo.
BLET Member since 1992

Thursday, November 16, 2017

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