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Why I知 voting YES on the Tentative National Agreement

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 16 The following is a statement from Brother Randy Gorzell, Local Chairman of BLET Division 197 (San Antonio, TX) in support of the Tentative National Contract.

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Brothers and Sisters:

My name is Randy S. Gorzell. I have a wife of 20 years and four children. I致e been a BLET member for 11 years. I知 currently serving as a Local Chairman for Division 197 (San Antonio) and have been since 2013. We have a Division of over 300 members that I represent.

I知 a proud 2nd generation union man as my father was a member of Teamsters for more than 20 years. After working for the railroad for 14 years, I致e come to realize the importance of being a union member. Protecting our jobs, wages, and benefits is something that has become very personal to me. Unfortunately, as a child I did not understand how important and what role unions really had.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brother Pierce and his staff for representing our members and negotiating what I would call a fair agreement. Obviously with having four children, a major concern I had was protecting our medical benefits and not seeing a substantial rate increase. Maintaining Platinum level benefits, I feel, was a big win for our members.

I want to personally thank Brother Pierce for his hard work and continuing support in an effort to provide me and my family with good wages and benefits.


Randy S. Gorzell
Locomotive Engineer
UPRR 14 Year Employee
Local Chairman, BLET Division 197
San Antonio, TX

Thursday, November 16, 2017

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