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Why I知 voting YES on Tentative National Agreement

(The following is an email from Brother Paul Fancett of Division 5 (Los Angeles) in support of the Tentative National Agreement. He shared it with the BLET National Division and it is being reproduced with his permission.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

My name is Paul Fancett and I am a member of BLET Division 5 in Los Angeles, Calif. I am voting to approve the Tentative Agreement that has been given to us for a ratification vote. This agreement keeps our medical costs in control. My wife is a 25-year union employee at Southwest Airlines. We carry the exact same medical with United Healthcare. Several years ago her medical premiums were below ours but now they are equivalent to our current premiums. What has been changing with her medical is her out-of-pocket costs for care, which exceeded ours and continue to climb. In a year-by-year comparison we were spending an average of $800 more for the same care as we carry at the Union Pacific. My son is a member of the SEIU 721 and currently works part-time averaging 100 hours per month. If he wanted to carry United Healthcare for a single person, then his out-of-pocket premium would be a whooping $1,835.90 per month!! That is to cover only him and no dependents. On medical costs alone I feel this TA is worth signing.

As for the compounded GWI of 13.14% over the life of the agreement, I believe that this is a reasonable pay increase for the service we provide to the Union Pacific. I know that I would not expect anything better if this TA is not ratified by the membership and left to a PEB. Our current work rules are consistent with what I see at Southwest Airlines with the exception of the time requirement to qualify for FMLA, which the airline industry figured out early on that there is no way a full time flight attendant can meet in a year''''''''s time since the average line holder works less than 80 hours a month.

If I can get a pay raise and continue to keep my medical premiums at a fixed cost I am on board with that and thank the team which fought hard with the NCCC to keep what we have.


Paul Fancett
Union Pacific Locomotive Engineer
BLET Division 5, Los Angeles, Calif.
BLET Member since 2000

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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