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North Little Rock Brothers support Tentative National Contract

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 14 A group of members from North Little Rock, Ark., has written to express their support of the BLETs Tentative National Agreement. These Brothers are Union Pacific locomotive engineers.

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I am pleased with the national committee and am supporting the proposal.
Daron L Watson, BLET Division 182, member since 2004

With the current administration in Washington D.C., I consider all railroad workers fortunate to have the contract proposal that is before us, which is beneficial for active and retired members alike.
Ronnie Barnett, 39yrs service, BLET Division 182, member since 1992

I feel confident in the contract proposal. I also feel all employees will benefit from it. Im confident that this proposal came after the hard work by the Brotherhood.
Darden ONeal, BLET Division 182, member since 2003

I am in agreement with the pending offer. I also think from talking to my fellow Brothers that they are also in approval.
Carl Bragg, BLET Division 182, member since 2005

I feel that our coalition has done the best job possible on this contract. I believe that it is in the best interests of the members. I will vote yes on the contract and will continue to educate my Brothers to do the same.
Kim Thomas, BLET Division 182, member since 1999

I am in approval of this contract offer and feel that the leaders of the BLET have put forth a valuable effort to work for the Brotherhood and all its constituents. This is why this offer gets a yes from my household.
Steve Ware, BLET Division 182, member since 2005

As a retired lifetime member, I support the national contract. Its great knowing that the insurance will be in place at the current rate for the life of the contract, which is great for those approaching the 60-30 retirement age.
Robert Lindsey, BLET Division 858, member since 1989

I support the efforts our union leadership has made in our interests in this tentative national contract.
Harlee Watson, BLET Division 182, member since 2005

I also am in support of the proposal. We do not ride upon the railroad it rides upon us. We must ratify this contract. I will continue to educate the members with correct information. The false information being distributed by other unions not in our collective bargaining group shows the importance of a YES vote. I appreciate the work done by all the leaders for working as hard as they do to get us an offer. The choice is now ours to make. The BLET has its hand upon the throttle and its eyes upon the future.
Wayne Denson, BLET Division 182, member since 2004

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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