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BLET members attend KC-area Town Hall meeting

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, April 21 — Representatives from three-dozen BLET Divisions attended a Town Hall meeting in Riverside, Missouri, on March 29. BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce served as the featured speaker, along with BNSF (former ATSF) General Chairman J. Alan Holdcraft.

Approximately 105 BLET members were in attendance, including members and officers from the following Divisions in the Kansas City-area and other areas of the United States: 502, 130, 777, 75, 391.2, 391.3, 107, 491, 623, 758, 94, 336, 81, 754, 727, 623, 621, 392, 290, 647, 299, 871, 578, 500, 740, 98, 285, 344, 609, 64, 134, 553, 776, 135, 213, 518.

A main topic of discussion was national contract negotiations. President Pierce gave a thorough explanation of the negotiating process and how it is governed by the Railway Labor Act. Also discussed was the national “right-to-work” legislation currently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and what it means for labor unions. There were also some discussions on Article IX of the May 19, 1986 Award of Arbitration Board No. 458 and the creation of multi-directional pools. A question-and-answer session followed President Pierce’s presentation.

Also in attendance were: National Vice President Michael D. Priester; BNSF/MRL General Chairman E.G. (Jerry) LaPrath; Union Pacific-Central Region Vice General Chairman Kyle Bagby; BNSF/MRL Vice General Chairmen K.J. Psota, M.E. Brandt and S.V. Halbrook; and BNSF (former ATSF) Vice General Chairmen M.R. Cunningham and R.J. Maloy.

“As always, President Pierce encouraged everyone to get involved in the union and be a part of guiding their own futures,” Brother Cunningham said.

“There was an incredible turnout for this Town Hall meeting and it was my honor to address so many active and involved BLET members,” President Pierce said. “I thank Brother Holdcraft for inviting me to speak and offer my congratulations to all members of the BNSF (former ATSF) General Committee of Adjustment for their hard work in organizing such a successful event.”

Friday, April 21, 2017

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