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Important open enrollment announcement for Medicare-eligible BLET members and retirees

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, October 2 If you are a BLET member, retiree, spouse or dependent, and entitled to Medicare Part A and/or enrolled in Medicare Part B, you are eligible for the TEAMStar Retiree Health Program and TEAMStar Part D Prescription Drug Program (PDP). You are eligible for these programs during the open enrollment period regardless of your health history or the drugs you are currently taking.

The TEAMStar Retiree Health Program offers Plans A, F and G to supplement Medicare. Additional supplemental plans with deductibles are also available that can reduce monthly premiums even more. Participants can choose their own doctor and automatic claims filing eliminates insurance paper filings. BLET eligible retirees and spouses or dependents can enroll in the TEAMStar Retiree Health Program at any time of the year. There is an open enrollment period for the TEAMStar Retiree Health Program starting on October 1, 2019, when enrollment is guaranteed issue regardless of pre-existing health conditions. Enrollment packets will be arriving in the mail soon. Retirees can also call (877) 577-5148 to speak with an enrollment specialist, or, visit the TEAMStar website at www.teamstar.com for more information.

The TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program meets the federal government requirements for creditable coverage. It is not available to the general public and is designed to help Medicare eligible BLET members, retirees and their spouses or dependents reduce their prescription drug costs and insure against high prescription drug expenses in the future. The enrollment period for TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program runs from October 15, 2019 to December 7, 2019.

Enrollment packets for the TEAMStar Part D Prescription Drug plan will be arriving in the mail soon. If you didn''''''''t receive an enrollment packet or need another one, please call the number listed below and you will be sent a packet. Don''''''''t wait! The open enrollment period is for a limited time. You can get more detailed information, and also register for the program, at www.teamstarpartd.com or call (866) 524-4173.

These programs have been in operation for many years and many thousands of retired Teamsters and retirees of other merged international unions have chosen to enroll. Healthcare and prescription costs have always been a major concern for the Teamsters. The creation of these programs has been a response to that concern.

We hope you will take advantage of these affordable plans that enable BLET retirees to save as much money as possible.

Enjoy the following TEAMStar Program benefits:

Competitive Union Group rates - The rates and benefits are overseen by the Teamsters

Union Preferred Pricing - certain Preferred Generic drugs are available at a lower rate at a Union Preferred Pharmacy

Coverage Options - unique plans offer different levels of security and protection to participants

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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