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Opinion: Amtrak’s second fire sale in a year

(Source: Railway Age opinion column by M.E. Singer, December 18, 2018)

NEW YORK — In follow-up to my previously published article in Railway Age (“Does the Emperor Wear No Clothes?” June 23, 2017) critically analyzing why would Amtrak put sleeper compartments on sale without any black-out dates during the last part of summer and Thanksgiving, “There ya go again, Mr. Anderson!” So, now in its desperation, Amtrak has once again reverted to an advertising campaign that proves how devoid Amtrak is of competent marketing. As I can only surmise Anderson is throwing us a large piece of coal for this Christmas in his scheme to defund the long-distance routes, one can only ask, did Delta ever put on sale its first-class seats, particularly during an extended period that included the seasonal bump at the tail end of the winter holidays, and throughout the spring holidays?

Full story: Railway Age

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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