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Amtrak awards rail security contract for D.C. area

(Duos Technologies, Inc., issued the following press release on august 31.)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Duos Technologies, Inc. (Duos) has been awarded a contract to design, manufacture, and install a cutting-edge security system to secure a segment of the Amtrak rail system in Washington, D.C. The total contract is valued at $4.7 million.

This contract is separate but closely associated with the larger National Capital Region Rail Pilot Project (NCRRPP), which is designed to meet the needs of local law enforcement, first responders, and the federal government while supplementing the existing security measures of freight rail operations in the Washington, DC area. The pilot project will include numerous components, including a virtual security fence that will detect moving objects, perimeter breaches, left objects, removed objects, and loitering activity. Data from the fence and the gates will be encrypted and transmitted simultaneously to multiple locations, such as US Capitol Police, US Secret Service, CSX and other applicable federal or local agencies. Duos is executing the contract with its teaming partner, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. (Epsilon). Epsilon is the project prime contractor and program manager for the client, which is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The new Amtrak Security Pilot Project (ASPP) is the result of vulnerability studies conducted over several months by the DHS, the Federal Railroad Association (FRA), Capitol Police, and the Amtrak and CSX Public Safety teams, whose rail corridor connects to Amtrak's rail segment. The ASPP Project is an extension to the NCRRPP and includes the integration of several surveillance technologies, including video analytics and radio frequency identification (RFID).

During the past two years, Duos has developed and deployed several tunnel and bridge security systems for the rail industry. The Duos/Epsilon team created advanced security solutions for other critical DHS infrastructure protection projects as well, including buffer zone surveillance systems at chemical plants throughout the country.

"This extension to the NCRRPP security system will provide substantial additional security to one of our most significant landmarks and will draw a curtain around the rail track crossing our nation's capital. This pilot will serve as a guideline to protect our citizens and the vulnerable critical assets of our transportation infrastructure. The system will include artificial intelligence to detect anomalies along the protected rail segments and will simultaneously alert multiple security teams if security is compromised. This project will benefit from the participation of a very broad spectrum of security experts including the DHS, law enforcement, the rail industry, and our respective teams.", said Gianni B. Arcaini, Chief Executive of Duos.

About Duos Technologies

Since 1990, Duos has specialized in automated systems with an emphasis on intelligent digital video, information technology, and engineering services. Via the convergence of these disciplines, Duos provides customized integrated systems for business and government requirements, including critical Homeland Security applications. Over the past several years, Duos has specialized in critical infrastructure protection for the rail and transportation industry, airports, chemical plants and the healthcare industry. Duos Technologies has been at the leading edge of technology development for intelligent video and comprehensive intelligent security systems and established a solid performance record on several high visibility airport, railroad, and hospital security projects. Visit the Duos web site at http://www.duostechnologies.com for more about our services.

About Epsilon Systems Solutions

Epsilon is an 8(a) firm certified under the Small Business Administration and is also a Veteran Owned Small Business. The company headquarters are located in San Diego, CA. Epsilon has a national presence, supporting the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior and their prime contractors nationwide. The Marine, Industrial, and Security Technology Sector, which will have the lead on this project is headquartered in Portsmouth, VA. Epsilon also offers Nuclear Operations and Environmental Management Services to customers in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Washington from its sector headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its offices in the field of Information Technology & Communications include San Diego, CA, Arlington, VA and Newport, RI. The company's Web site at http://www.epsilonsystems.com contains more information about the company. For more details about Epsilon, please contact Erica Terrell; E-mail: info@epsilonsystems.com; Phone: (619) 702-1700; Fax: (619) 702-1711.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

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