H.R. 1140 scheduled for vote today

CLEVELAND, July 30 -- Today the Railroad Retirement & Survivors' Improvement Act of 2001, H.R. 1140, faces its biggest test to date as it is scheduled for a floor vote in the U.S. House of Representatives this evening. All BLE and GIA members are urged to contact their Representative and ask them to vote in favor of this measure.

H.R. 1140 is 11th on a list of 12 items that are scheduled to be considered under suspension of the rules this evening. Given its place on the schedule, it is expected that the vote will not take place until after 6 p.m. today. As this vote is taking place so quickly, it is recommended that BLE and GIA members call their Representative instead of writing or e-mailing. When calling, please use the Capitol switchboard at: (202) 224-3121.

H.R. 1140 would reduce the vesting requirement under the Railroad Retirement system from 10 years to five, eliminate the actuarial reduction for those who retire prior to age 62, increase surviving spouses' annuities, and eliminate the Railroad Retirement maximum.

An update on the outcome of the vote will be posted on the BLE website as soon as possible.

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July 30, 2001


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers