BLE strike will not impact passenger rail service

CLEVELAND, January 27 -- The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers reports that passenger train service, including Amtrak, will not be impacted by the union's strike against the Union Pacific Railroad.

Striking locomotive engineers have been instructed by the union to allow passenger service to continue. Some locomotive engineers employed by Union Pacific also operate METRA commuter trains in the Chicago area, and numerous Amtrak trains operate over Union Pacific tracks.

"Our strike is against the Union Pacific Railroad, not against passenger railroads or the traveling public," BLE International President Edward Dubroski said.

The BLE has permitted passenger rail service to continue during most past strikes.

Over 8,000 BLE members walked off the job at 12:01 Saturday morning, shutting down the nation's largest rail carrier.

The strike was triggered by UP's imposition of new qualification standards for personal leave days for engineers shortly after the first of the year. The shutdown affects freight traffic over the railroad's 38,654 miles of track in 23 states.


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January 27, 2001


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