Nebraska Legislative Board launches website in remote control battle

CLEVELAND, March 12 -- The BLE's Nebraska State Legislative Board has developed a website as part of its statewide campaign to derail legislation that could lead to the use of remote control locomotives in Nebraska.

The website address is:

The BLE supports provisions of L.B. 185, a bill in the Nebraska state legislature that would require two persons on a train. However, the union does not support language contained in the bill that has been ruled as preempted by federal regulations, or provisions that would allow the use of off-cab remote control locomotives in terminals and allow the use of one-person crews in terminals.

Also as written, L.B. 185 does not require that both crew members occupy the cab when moving between terminals, and that the bill widely defines terminals so that nearly any track may become a terminal.

"We are in favor of passing what has been called a 'Two-Person Crew' bill in Nebraska," said BLE International President Edward Dubroski. "But L.B. 185 as currently drafted is the most dangerous piece of legislation for the public, and for railroad workers, ever introduced in the Nebraska State Legislature."

The Nebraska AFL-CIO, as well as the BLE, which represents thousands of locomotive engineers working on the Union Pacific Railroad, both oppose L.B. 185 as written.

Among other important items, the new website contains testimony delivered by BLE Nebraska State Legislative Board Chairman Randy Meek in opposition to L.B. 185.



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March 12, 2001


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers