BLE gets organizing win

CLEVELAND, October 15 -- Employees of the Meridian Southern Railway today unanimously selected the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers as their collective bargaining representative.

The National Mediation Board released the election results today.

BLE President Don. M. Hahs congratulated the BLE's Department of Internal Organizing, Mobilizing and Strategic Planning for the successful organizing campaign, and singled out Special Representative Tommy Miller for his efforts.

While the BLE could savor today's organizing victory, President Hahs said the Brotherhood has much more work ahead of it.

"Anytime workers at a shortline railroad feel they need to be organized, I believe the BLE has an obligation to do so," President Hahs said. "There are approximately 60,000 employees in the shortline industry working without union contracts, and they deserve a better standard of living. Our goal is to see that they get it."

The Meridian Southern is the second shortline organizing victory for the BLE this year. In August, workers on the Indiana & Ohio -- a subsidiary of RailAmerica -- selected the BLE as their collective bargaining representative. RailAmerica is the world's largest shortline railroad operator.


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October 15, 2001


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers