Additional merger information forthcoming for BLE members

CLEVELAND, August 9 -- The August 6 mailing of the proposed Unification Agreement and Constitution, that would merge the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the United Transportation Union, along with ratification ballots, have begun arriving in the homes of both unions' members. A number of other sources of factual information is in the pipeline, and on the way to BLE members.

The BLE Education & Training Department has prepared a Power Point presentation that recaps the events of the past three and a half years, explains key portions of both documents and summarizes the structure and operation of the proposed merged union. Special Representatives and members of the BLE National Mobilization Team will be available to present this information at meetings throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are coordinating meeting sites with General Chairmen who want to participate in this informational campaign.

To further assist the membership in reviewing the proposal, a 10-minute video will be provided next week, which will summarize the same subjects covered by the Power Point presentation. In addition, the BLE will facilitate the distribution of partisan internal comments to the membership, at the expense of any member or group of members whish to distribute such comments.

The merger web page that is being jointly maintained by both unions already has proven to be an important informational tool. Approximately 1,600 members have registered to receive copies of responses to questions. The volume of questions has been so great that they are being categorized, in order that numerous questions concerning a particular topic may be addressed at one time. It is anticipated that responses to the most important or commonly asked questions will be posted by Friday afternoon.

Commenting on this informational campaign, BLE International President Edward Dubroski said, "It is vitally important that all BLE members have the most accurate, factual information available so that their valid concerns about the proposal may be fully addressed. With the steps we are taking, the members should have this information in hand by the end of next week, which will provide everyone with sufficient time to give their most careful consideration to the proposal. Members should wait to submit their ballots until they have had the opportunity to review these materials."

Beginning on August 13, a dedicated telephone extension will be activated at the International Division headquarters, for BLE members who have not received their ballots and their copies of the Unification Agreement and Constitution. Any BLE members who have not received the ballot package by that date may call (216) 241-2630, extension 333, and leave their name, division number, home address and home telephone number.

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August 9, 2001


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers